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Use of SaaS Products And Services in India- gyansbogs

  Uses of SaaS Product And Services In India SAAS simply stands for Software as a service. It is simply a way of offering application software over the internet. Saas can also also be called web-based software or hosted software.  It can also be compared to mobile recharge. Where one pays a certain amount to enjoy the services. The services offered by SaaS are not only server management but also database, and various software products. Saas is a ready-made solution that is offered parent company to its clients. Saas is a cloud-based app over the internet. Common products of SaaS are email, calendaring and office tools. So let us discuss the SaaS products in detail. Why choose SaaS product in modern Era Lowers Costs Saas usually lowers the cost of services, which in the traditional way is very costly. It is also helpful for small and medium businesses to use SaaS products as it cost low license fees and can prove to be an affordable source of investment. Also, maintenance cost is v