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I got an AdSense approval/ gyansblogs/2021

I got my AdSense approval. Hell yeah, I got my AdSense approval in the month of march 2021. As a blogger we all know what AdSense is and what it means to get an AdSense approval. Especially getting in this period i.e. in 2021 is a great deal. So I am feeling like I have achieved something. My new year gift and one resolution of 2021 was just fulfilled. For a blogger AdSense and it's revenue are the rewards. So as others I am also feeling the same as I got my AdSense approval. So Hello and welcome back guys to the new blog of I got an AdSense approval. Today's topic is specifically for bloggers so as I am saying, " I got my AdSense approval, other bloggers could also say that they/ I got my AdSense approval. So without any further delay let's get started with the topic of I got an AdSense approval. In this I would just be sharing the hardships and how I felt when I used to apply for AdSense and it used to get rejected due to some policy violation. And the worst past is