GSS ebook Fraud or GSS DATA ENTRY FRAUD OR GSS FRAUD. Hello and welcome back guys to our new blog. As you all must be knowing , a few months ago I had uploaded a blog regarding data entry fraud and data entry scam. So here I am again to share one more blog related to data entry fraud and coning a lot of money in the name of police and legal actions. This is a type of fraud but their service here is eBook fraud. So in this blog I'll be discussing GSS fraud. This GSS  fraud is a fraud where work is based on eBooks and book writing. So let's directly come to the point of GSS fraud. So recently as a fresher and jobseeker I had applied on various portals. And through one they got my lead and they contacted me. But first let's discuss how this fraud got our number. How the cons get our lead/ how Gss fraud gets numbers. So guys, these cons make use of our requirements, and they use it for their welfare. As a jobseeker, we always share our resumes on various portals in the lookou

How to make money from upstox? zero rupees startup plan - gyansblogs

How to make money from upstox? zero rupees startup plan - gyansblogs Hello and welcome guys to the our blog of gyansblogs. This blog will be related to the affiliate link of upstox, one of the leading stock and share trading apps. In this I will explain all the details of upstox how it works and what is the benefit if once we become a partner with upstox. But before becoming a partner we need to open an account with upstox, because until and unless we are not sure of something we can't share or promote the product. I am promoting upstox through this post as I find it helpful so this blog will be related to the upstox affiliate program and how to earn through upstox. So the blog Upstox affiliate program/ how to earn through upstox or how to make money from upstox is my plan or module for those who want to start with rupees zero. Inshort this is the zero rupees startup plan or module. So hope you guys will like it and will show your support. So let's start with our topic. What is

How to do On Page Seo of blog for bloggers - gyansblogs

  How to do On page Seo of blog for bloggers with free tools? Doing the On page Seo is bit easy as compared to off page Seo. So most of the time we often ask the question to ourselves  how to do On page Seo of  blogs, content or any other things which we want to post on a website or on any medium. But before knowing about how to do On page Seo, let’s know why Seo is important. So if explained in simple words what is Seo then Seo is the backbone of any blog or business which is done on an online medium over the internet. The higher your seo is the higher is your stake to rank yourself on Google. So welcome to gyansblogs and this post is regarding On page Seo i,e. how to do On page Seo of blog. Doing On page Seo is easy as while writing the content we can check our Seo score and all, but comparatively checking off page Seo is a bit difficult. Google also focuses on Seo to rank your website or business. So let's not focus on that right now let us just know how to do On page Seo of blo

How to get AdSense approval with 10k views/ gyansblogs

  How to get AdSense approval with 10k views. Hello guys myself Gyanendra Biswal and I am the admin cum CEO cum owner of gyansblogs . And before starting with our topic on how to get AdSense approval with 10 k let me tell a brief about myself and why I am sharing the post on how to get AdSense approval with 10k views. So as we all got to know that my name is Gyanendra Biswal and I have my own website and on that website I have views of less than 10k than to I got AdSense approval. We always have the question of how to qualify for adsense. Getting adsense approve is still the dream for many bloggers.Though there was a bit of struggle but it ended well. So as we all know the best way of gaining the knowledge is to consult or talk to someone who has got some experience in that very field. So here I am to share the information on how to get AdSense approval within 10k views. And before that do visit my site and cross verify that whether I am genuine or not. Because previously, I have seen

I got an AdSense approval/ gyansblogs/2021

I got my AdSense approval. Hell yeah, I got my AdSense approval in the month of march 2021. As a blogger we all know what AdSense is and what it means to get an AdSense approval. Especially getting in this period i.e. in 2021 is a great deal. So I am feeling like I have achieved something. My new year gift and one resolution of 2021 was just fulfilled. For a blogger AdSense and it's revenue are the rewards. So as others I am also feeling the same as I got my AdSense approval. So Hello and welcome back guys to the new blog of I got an AdSense approval. Today's topic is specifically for bloggers so as I am saying, " I got my AdSense approval, other bloggers could also say that they/ I got my AdSense approval. So without any further delay let's get started with the topic of I got an AdSense approval. In this I would just be sharing the hardships and how I felt when I used to apply for AdSense and it used to get rejected due to some policy violation. And the worst past is

First day of my job / 2021 || gyansblogs

First day of my job/2021 Yeah it was 9/01/2021. My first day for a job. My first ever going to office and my first ever experience of how work life is. So today was my first day of my job. Though I won't be saying it was awesome and went really well cause I was not appointed for what my real work was. I was not assigned any software for my work. So at first day of my job I didn't use computer but I was related to digits. I noted all the recording that took place. Though it was not as good as it needs to be but let me state you or share with you guys about the first day of my job. So Hello and welcome guys to the new blog of gyansblogs. So today on gyansblogs we shall be discussing about life and living thing i e. We shall be discussing about the first day of my job. Why job in the company? As we all know it's difficult for us to find job in 2020 and 2021 and new year has already started. And it's very hard to find job based on your profession. Though I found one. Went f