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Why fresher not get job - gyansblogs

  Why fresher not get job? To be hired for the job. Why not fresher’s to be given a chance to prove themselves? Hello guys and this is the very serious topic and a very serious issue that needs to be addressed. And the topic is why fresher nit get job. While most of other try how to get job, we fresher are still dumb and sitting not getting the job. So if you ask how to get job in India, then I’ll be saying it’s very difficult to get a job in India. Other tries finding the job and we fresher search on Google best way to get job in India and job tips for fresher. It’s like there’s no job for fresher. Yeah this is the thing which nowadays keeps revolving around my mind. Because I am a fresher recently graduated and when I am going out to interact with the world for the job then I usually hear that we are hiring experienced but not fresher’s. There are also various problems faced by fresher in college. There are many companies who say they are the companies hiring fresher. Even fresher

Quora- free promoting tool for blog || gyansblogs

  Quora- free promoting tool for blog There are various ways of promoting blogs. We can nowadays promote blogs on any social media application whether it may be Instagram or WhatsApp or Facebook. We can use this entire medium to share our blog with people and ask them to read it. There are also various other applications like Pinterest, Linked In, Medium, and Quora for promoting your blog or website, or business. Nowadays it’s very important to use each and everything we have for the welfare and our own benefit. So let’s discuss how to use quora for promoting blogs. Yeah, we can use quora to promote various things but I am a blogger so let’s discuss promoting blogs i.e. how to use quora for promoting blogs,s, or even we can say that quora- is a free promoting tool for blog. So there are various ways of using quora and there are several characteristics of quora and promotion are one of the characteristics of blogging. So without delay let’s get straight to our blog, but before that let