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First day of my job / 2021 || gyansblogs

First day of my job/2021 Yeah it was 9/01/2021. My first day for a job. My first ever going to office and my first ever experience of how work life is. So today was my first day of my job. Though I won't be saying it was awesome and went really well cause I was not appointed for what my real work was. I was not assigned any software for my work. So at first day of my job I didn't use computer but I was related to digits. I noted all the recording that took place. Though it was not as good as it needs to be but let me state you or share with you guys about the first day of my job. So Hello and welcome guys to the new blog of gyansblogs. So today on gyansblogs we shall be discussing about life and living thing i e. We shall be discussing about the first day of my job. Why job in the company? As we all know it's difficult for us to find job in 2020 and 2021 and new year has already started. And it's very hard to find job based on your profession. Though I found one. Went f