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  GSS ebook Fraud or GSS DATA ENTRY FRAUD OR GSS FRAUD. Hello and welcome back guys to our new blog. As you all must be knowing , a few months ago I had uploaded a blog regarding data entry fraud and data entry scam. So here I am again to share one more blog related to data entry fraud and coning a lot of money in the name of police and legal actions. This is a type of fraud but their service here is eBook fraud. So in this blog I'll be discussing GSS fraud. This GSS  fraud is a fraud where work is based on eBooks and book writing. So let's directly come to the point of GSS fraud. So recently as a fresher and jobseeker I had applied on various portals. And through one they got my lead and they contacted me. But first let's discuss how this fraud got our number. How the cons get our lead/ how Gss fraud gets numbers. So guys, these cons make use of our requirements, and they use it for their welfare. As a jobseeker, we always share our resumes on various portals in the lookou