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How to write content for blog / 2020/ blogger- gyansblogs

Hello and welcome guys to the new blog of gyansblogs. Today’s blog will be also a blogging tip for the beginners. So our today’s topic will be how to write content for blog for posting on website. Writing the topic and then adding content is the simple think which we all think of. When I started gyansblogs I used to write things of my own without any case study or research. So I would recommend all the people who are reading this just focus more time on doing the research than start writing your post.  So let’s start with our topic of how to write content for blog. So before starting how to write content for blogs first of all know a few terms like, 1.     What is a blog? 2.     What is blogging? 3.     Who is a blogger? So what blog is and its existence? If you don’t know what it is then you’ve come to the right place. I would try to explain it as easily as possible.  When it was started in 1994, it was considered as a personal diary than that of content sharin

How to change blog template/ 2020 - gyansblogs

So hello and welcome back guys to the new blog of gyansblogs. So as a blogger and website owner we always come over this term of changing the blog templates. We always think of question that how to change blog template. One thing which I have learnt is blog layout and templates both are different but both are interrelated to each other. So in this blog of gyansblogs we will discuss about how to change blog templates in 2020 and what’s the difference between blog layout and blog template, and how are they interrelated. 2020 is most precious year no one goanna forget so I have purposefully mentioned it in title of how to change blog template in 2020 HOW TO CHANGE BLOG TEMPLATE In short if I tried to explain than it’s like First visit the website from where you want to upload the templates. Click on the templates you like. Download the template. The downloaded template is in zip form so extract the file from zip and save it. Sign in to blogger. Go to three lines on the left hand sid


Hello guys welcome to gyansblogs. So our today’s topic will be important for all the bloggers. So as a blogger we always want to keep the track of traffic. This tracking of website is very useful for a blogger to make a record or make easy to understand from where the traffic are coming and what are they using whether a mobile or laptop or tablet. Which browser are they using, what’s their device, whether its windows or iOS or android.   So in short today in this blog we will discuss how to keep track of the traffic on the website. That is how to track traffic on website, yeah it may be to website or blog or anything else. Tracking of website is as a blueprint in business. Yeah I know that blue print give you the way what to do, what is to be done, how to do, and when is to be done. If you don’t track website traffic, you cannot know what is working for you and what’s not it will be totally useless and mean nothing for a blogger as it will be ok if I say like without tracking y

6 Steps You Can Use to Find Your Niche (20 Best Niche Ideas)- gyansblogs

  So hello guys, ever came across the term or thought of starting bloging business or youtube channel. Well if yes than you are at right place and viewing the right thing so this blog will be related to steps for determining your niche. I'll discuss  6 Steps You Can Use to Find Your Niche plus I'll also share 20 Best Niche Ideas. So welcome guys to gyansblogs, lets start with the topic of steps you can use to find your niche. You want to start a blogging website, YouTube channel or a small business or whatever, but the first thing or the thing holding you back is the niche, that we are going to write or do things or business is to be chosen. You can Google about thousands of things but I am sure you are or are still confused about your niche. GOLDEN RULES FOR BLOGGER But before finding out the best niches let’s first know what is NICHE. So niches are nothing but a job or a position that is suitable for you. So in blogging term we can say like niche is the heart

HOW TO GET MORE TRAFFIC TO BLOG/ TIPS/ blogger/ gyansblogs-2020

  Welcome back guys to our new blog. So guys this blog will be related to increasing traffics to your websites. That is how to get more traffic to your blog. So hello guys my name is Gyan and you are viewing our website gyansblogs. So guys as a blogger or a website owner we all know the importance of traffic or visitors or viewers. We always want to get more traffic to our blogging site or page. So we try different alternatives to do so. So here are some of my tips to get more traffic to your page. We always try searching some tricks or method to attract more traffic. So in this blog we will be discussing the topics and tricks to get more traffic. There are various ways of getting traffic. But before that there some points you need to be aware of without which there’s no point. If you ignore these points than I am sorry you’re not going to survive for long time. I own a blogging page so the points here are for blog page and the points are, 1.       Make your site visible : for this