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SELF CONFIDENCE A VERY ESSENTIAL FACTOR. Welcome to gyansblogs  today our main focus will be on confidence. IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF LIFE ARE SELF-CONFIDENCE AND MOTIVATION. YES SELFCONFIDENCE AND MOTIVATION ARE VERY IMPORTANT IN ONES LIFE. Self-confidence means being assured in your own worth, ability, and power, regardless of the situation you are in. Someone who is self-confident has a strong sense of self-belief and certainty in him/herself. He/she exudes calmness, composure, and is self-aware. Self confidence means the faith an individual has in himself. An individual who has confidence in himself/herself knows his worth, ability, goods and bad. Whereas the individual who lacks self confidence undervalue what they are capable of.Take blame even when it is not their fault. Being overly shy and reserved. Overly critical of themselves. Being hung up over negative outcomes and past failures. Preassupmtion with the negative outcomes and failure even though it has not happened yet. Having a


DEPRESSION A MAJOR ISSUE.  Welcome to gyansblogs. Lets start with our topic directly.  Yes in todays time depression is a mojor issue. Out of 10 every 5-6 people are in depression. How to overcome depression. Lets get to know the solution and methods to overcome depression. Depression!!! What is depression? Depression is a feeling of disorder, sad, loss of intrest and cursing oneself for the things happening blaming for all the dissapoints and dissatisfaction. It is a sad feeling which makes one belive that he his/her life is not proper or is not going properly. Anyone can have depression of any age group whether it be a child of 8 years or old person of age above 50. There is no certainity of age for depression. No matter how much succesful you are you feel dissatisfied and always cusrse life for such things happening.  But what is the solution for these Suicide? No...No my friend sucide is never the solution of any problem or never it will. It will only take away your lif


ARE GOALS IMPORTANT IN LIFE? DOES SETTING GOALS MEANS BLUEPRINT OF LIFE? Welcome to gyansblogs and lets start with our most important factor, goal. YES GOAL IS A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF LIFE. IT IS LIKE A MODULE YOU CAN FOLLOW TO ACHIVE YOUR DREAM. INSHORT IT IS A BLUEPRINT OF LIFE. LETS UNDERSTAND GOALS IN DETAIL Goals What does goal means? It means the aim which an individual decides to get. Goal is the first thing in a race to achieve SUCCESS. Its a first step towards the dream. Goal not only helps in getting the desired result but it also shows the way to achive something. In order to achive a goal an individual may fail but he should keep on trying. Fullfulling the dream is not an easy task likewise achieving the goal is also not easy. An individual falls & learns, faces problems & gets experience and with the mixture of these thing the individual is subjected to achieve a goal. An individual should make a bold decision he should select his goal wisely. An individual should

WHAT IS SUCCESS/ How one can get success/ WORKHARD/SMART-WORK - gyansblogs

Hello guys welcome to gyansblogs. Its our first blog and it will be related to  Success ? What you mean by success.The term success differs for every person. For some its about getting money ,money and money. For some its about been financially and professionally strong. Where as for some its about seeing happiness and pride in their parents face. How to get success? Success is not something which can be achived by only training and learning. Its something which is been achived through constant practising, studying from past, getting experience and taking risk. Risk is the main factor of success. If u are afraid of taking risk than it will be hard for attaining success. People learns to walk only when he falls likewise you will progressing if you fail and fall. Because it teachese you to never give up and keep working. For been successful the most important thing is dedication. Your dedication for the work ,to attain your goal is the key point or plays a prominent role in getting succe