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First day of my job/2021

Yeah it was 9/01/2021. My first day for a job. My first ever going to office and my first ever experience of how work life is. So today was my first day of my job. Though I won't be saying it was awesome and went really well cause I was not appointed for what my real work was. I was not assigned any software for my work. So at first day of my job I didn't use computer but I was related to digits. I noted all the recording that took place. Though it was not as good as it needs to be but let me state you or share with you guys about the first day of my job. So Hello and welcome guys to the new blog of gyansblogs. So today on gyansblogs we shall be discussing about life and living thing i e. We shall be discussing about the first day of my job.

New job is a new world - gyansblogs

Why job in the company?

As we all know it's difficult for us to find job in 2020 and 2021 and new year has already started. And it's very hard to find job based on your profession. Though I found one. Went for an interview and got selected. So today i.e. 9th January it was my first day of job. As there was no job in the market and I was also getting the job so I decided to go to the company. So I choose job in the company. So I went for company it was like..

Felt like where am I and is doing really this tough. Today was my first day for job. So I got up on time, made myself ready and went to the company where I was about to start. So I reached company at 9:10 am. There was a watchman he took my signature and temperature. After that he started to threaten me by saying all previous accountant have left their job. Boss here is bit rude and is also very 'Kanjoos’. He won't give salary on time and will ask you to work for more hours. So watch carefully. And after he said all these he said Beta himmat na haro. And I was like Bc bola hi q. After that I went inside the office.

Sat there having no fucking idea what to do as it was my first day and the very first day itself. And if I do something and something goes wrong than I would be the one to be blamed. So I sat there quietly for half an hour. The workers were coming but no one if senior were there. So I started to write poems.

So when it was 10:15 manager arrived. He did all his ritual works and sat on the chair. I asked him what shall I do. He was like wait I'll say, but no nothing happened. After 15 minutes at 9:30 am a senior accountant came. He was 29 way older than me as I am 23. I asked him bhai what shall I do. First both manager and the Sr. Didn't have any idea, but after couple of times I asked, the gave me dispatch book and register. And asked me to note all the transaction. Believe me the note which was given to me was not less than 350 pages. So I began to register at first I had doubt I asked the senior after many try I got it what to do and how to do. So I started recording carefully. I am doing but the note is not ending, I kept on and on and on, finally I completed the whole entry at around 3 pm. Again the book was given but these time I completed it in 1 hr.

After doing the entry again I had no idea what to do. The Boss had arrived and he said me to just follow Senior. As I'll get knowledge by following him. I did it saw how he does his work. It was around 8 and employees came to us asking for their salary. As the company pay their employees on 9th of every month. I saw I the salary got divided and how 300–700 Rs were not given.

How was the first day?

At last we both left the company at 9:45 pm. So I went to company at 9 morning and came back at 10 night. Wow, is these really the office job I was looking for. Who knows. Forced to work as experience matters.

So it was pretty much of hectic and boring. I was like a dumb not knowing anything. These are the line I can say or describe my first day of job.

Experience matters- gyansblogs

So these was how I got something or some experience of my first day to the job. I didn't have any idea what to do, no friends and no one to rely on. Now let's see what happens in future date. That's it with the topic of first day of my job in 2021. On Gyansblogs. Hope you guys liked it. That's it thanks you for your time.


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