Hello and welcome back guys to our new blog. As you all must be knowing , a few months ago I had uploaded a blog regarding data entry fraud and data entry scam. So here I am again to share one more blog related to data entry fraud and coning a lot of money in the name of police and legal actions. This is a type of fraud but their service here is eBook fraud. So in this blog I'll be discussing GSS fraud. This GSS  fraud is a fraud where work is based on eBooks and book writing. So let's directly come to the point of GSS fraud.

So recently as a fresher and jobseeker I had applied on various portals. And through one they got my lead and they contacted me. But first let's discuss how this fraud got our number.

How the cons get our lead/ how Gss fraud gets numbers.

So guys, these cons make use of our requirements, and they use it for their welfare. As a jobseeker, we always share our resumes on various portals in the lookout for a job. Instead of getting a genuine call from the interviewer, these fraudsters get our number by availing services from portals and then they try to contact us.

At first they will mention their company name, who they are, their name(fake name) and will say this and this job is available so are you interested.

If you say no then well and good but once you say yes, then you have successfully become their ATM machine to earn them their bread.

How can we become an ATM machine?

Yeah definitely, you all must be thinking of this same question, chlo let me help you by solving this question. Once you accept their offer, they will give you fraud agreement. Like previously I had mentioned about ZET TECHNOLOGY DATA ENTRY FRAUD. Likewise, GSS  fraud is the same. GSS SERVICE/ GSS INFOTECH will give you captcha feeling, ebook developing or data entry work and they will also give a time period to complete this work. Now the work either will be very easy or it will be very hard. No matter how the work is, once you complete the work and submit it after two days, GSS service will call you and will say, MR/MRS so and so, your work is incomplete, you are liable to pay so and so much of the amount. If you will pay you'll get an additional day to complete your work or there will be legal action taken against you. Once we hear the word legal we get scared and end up paying the money. Once paid they'll ask for money again and again. So see you became an ATM machine for gss service. So this is what I meant from GSS data entry fraud.


In the beginning GSS Service will send you an agreement which is totally not acceptable in court. In this agreement it will mention your name, company name, your work and an agreement of 1 year and penalty amount. And if not paid so and so legal and police complaints will be made and specific actions will be take.


First of all agreement needs to be signed by both parties, with consent and having whole knowledge, also the agreement should have proper stamp and date mentioned. But this fake agreement has only one date mentioned and is usually with agreement stamps of Rupees 50, 300.


First of all don't panic.

They will say we will send you a court notice, let them share.

Don't pay money, cause once money is paid you'll not be able to get that money.

Case against the company, like in this very scenario it will be GSS data entry fraud.

Share information to others

Help others.

Don't respond to such calls of advocate and self proclaimed police.

Save each and every detail and try asking different questions and keep that as it will be required at times.

Ebooksdataentry customer care and Typingebook.

These fraudsters attract the freshers, housewives and retired persons to this type of scam. Fresher's are the main source of income as a jobseeker. They know freshers are in desperate search of a job, so they use this opportunity and con us.

What is con?

Con means nothing but a fraud or loot or theft of money by false and fake means.

Is ebook data entry genuine?

The answer to this is yes, ebook data entry jobs are there in the market and also there is good pay. But it's up to us to find out whether the service provider is genuine or fake. Fake once offer makes you promise of high paying but when we interrogate the actual market we come to know the pay scale is more than that of service.

Also before joining, think about how the company makes money, how it will make a profit if they are giving such a high pay. Once you consider this you will automatically take a step back.

That's it about GSS data entry fraud or GSS ebook fraud or simply if we say GSS fraud. They will provide you with ebook work, once completed and submitted they will say your work is not complete or you have made many mistakes, your accuracy is below 90%, you need to pay 7000 or 10000 or any amount. Once you pay they will again ask you to pay money in the name of NOC from court or company, once you pay this they will again ask for money by giving thousands of reasons. This will only stop if you stop paying money.

Also if you once pay the money to GSS fraud they come to know that you are afraid and these fraudsters try to monetize our fear. So in such situation be confident, don't be afraid, they are not genuine also if you check the availability of company you won't be able to find. So don't get afraid, be chill and let them do whatever they wanna do. Moreover they will sentence us to jail, but on what basis we have not worked for them even for months, they have not invested in us, nor did we leak or use their information about the company, so don't be afraid to let them do whatever they want to do. That's it about GSS fraud or GSS ebook fraud. Hope this blog was of some help to you. Just a small request from gyansblogs help other and please spread awareness. Thank you.


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