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 Quora- free promoting tool for blog

There are various ways of promoting blogs. We can nowadays promote blogs on any social media application whether it may be Instagram or WhatsApp or Facebook. We can use this entire medium to share our blog with people and ask them to read it. There are also various other applications like Pinterest, Linked In, Medium, and Quora for promoting your blog or website, or business. Nowadays it’s very important to use each and everything we have for the welfare and our own benefit. So let’s discuss how to use quora for promoting blogs. Yeah, we can use quora to promote various things but I am a blogger so let’s discuss promoting blogs i.e. how to use quora for promoting blogs,s, or even we can say that quora- is a free promoting tool for blog. So there are various ways of using quora and there are several characteristics of quora and promotion are one of the characteristics of blogging. So without delay let’s get straight to our blog, but before that let me introduce myself to you so myself Gyanendra managing my very own website gyansblogs. So hello and welcome guys to the new blog of gyansblogs and today our topic will be Quora- a free promoting tool for the blog. Before starting the blog let's understand what Quora is in short.

What is Quora?

According to my 

Quora is a medium for sharing information. It is a free tool where you can share your answers and views. In short, it is a medium where we can ask the question and can share our answer. It is a tool that helps in getting the information. It can also be said that quora are a mini Google or Wikipedia where we can find 80-90% of our answers. On quora there is also a facility or tool that we can say as quora digest which promotes your answer to different people who have shown interest towards that particular topic. There are some quora algorithm on which quora performs.

According to Google and Wikipedia 

Quora is an American question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, followed, and edited by Internet users, either factually or in the form of opinions. Its owner, Quora Inc., is based in Mountain View, California, United States. The heart of Quora is questions — questions that affect the world, questions that explain recent world events, questions that guide important life decisions, and questions that provide insights into why other people think differently. Quora is a place where you can ask questions you care about and get amazing answers. Quora is a holy place where you can share knowledge and gain knowledge. You can share your experiences too. The people of Quora ask questions to clarify their doubts. They answer questions to clarify other doubts. We, people, write answers only to help others, not to get upvotes or followers. Quora has some qualities that those other research tools don’t: It allows users to create social networks and follow topics that interest them. It focuses on high-quality questions and answers. It enables users to vote on answers to highlight the most accurate information possible. On quora there are Quora questions on life also there are funniest quora questions. Below I'll be stating how does quora work or how to rank high on quora.

So it can be said that through quora we can share our answer or ask any question we want. In short, we can easily say that quora- is a free promoting tool for blogs, websites, applications,s and also business. Because we can use quora to promote our answers and in answer, we can provide details of anything we want.

There are certain rules and guidelines on quora but let’s not focus on the cause this blog is only about stating that Quora is a free promoting tool for blogging. 

Why can we say that Quora is the best-promoting tool for blog?

Let’s consider that we are rookies and today we are gonna use quora for blogging purposes. So, first of all, we need to does the registration work and once the registration is done we are asked about our topics and there we have a lot of options to choose from so choose accordingly and once the choice is made then we are asked or we are suggested with some spaces related to the topics we have chosen. Once each and everything is done you are all set to use Quora.

Now consider that you have written a blog related to how to get more traffic to the blog and you want to promote these blogs on Quora. So you just need to do some steps for promoting the blog. First of all search for the question you want to promote like go to Quora and search for questions like the best way of getting traffic, how to get more traffic, and relatively and once you have searched for the topics you will see several questions. So just go to the question and write your point of view and your answer and once your answer is written state that I have written a blog on this very topic so just visit to get the clear picture and know how I get more traffics to my blog. That’s it. See so simple and your promotion of the blog is also done. But before these do remember that Quora doesn’t allow the promotion of any link on its answer. Once the quora find that you are sharing the link then your answer will be terminated or removed. So just see to it that you don’t spam the link. Just use the sentence and add a hyperlink to that sentence. Like, follow me on Quora

See here on Quora I have added my link to Quora without making my link visible. So just see to it that you also do it in the same way or if you don’t do these and directly share your link then there are chances that your answer may be removed due to the violation of Quora policy. 

Here are some images that will help you in getting a clear picture of what I meant to say.


See to it that you add your whole details and also your description.


Here is the profile of one of the Quoran.



See this picture here are some links mentioned. So these are the ways of promoting their previous answer or blog to others. So you can also do the same by adding links to your answers.



You can also write a blog on Quora which we can say as Quora blogs and then you can add your website link to your Quora blog. Blogging is an essential tool. There are many bloggers who use different tools which we can say as the best blogging tools. 2020 These will also help in getting more traffic to the blog and also it is the means of promoting the tool.

But before doing these see to it that you don’t spam your links these may create a bad image on your profile not only it may also create a negative impact on your site and your blog. 

Before promoting your link you can also start your Quora profile for different things in the starting you can write on various topics just to share your knowledge and views. Once you start getting good views on your topics then you can share your link by doing this you will be able to gain more trust of the people and there are high chances of getting high views and your promotion technique will be effective to others. So in the beginning just see to it that you don’t add any spam link and write a genuine answer to gain the trust of the people and then you can easily share the promotion link of your blog. Many bloggers use quora- for promoting their blog. Some many businessmen and women share their business on quora. So we can say that quora- can be easily used to share or promote ideas, business, and blog.

So that’s it with my today's blog on Quora- a free promoting tool for the blog. We can’t say just that Quora is a free promoting tool for blogs but it is a free promoting or marketing tool for other things as well. There are many things I can say about Quora but here my topic was related to Quora using it as a promoting tool. So I have mentioned how we can use Quora to promote the link or blog. I have also given brief details that why we can say that quora are the best marketing tool or promoting tool for the blog. That’s it with the topic see you guys in the next blog of gyansblogs.  This blog was related to the blogging tips and promoting tool for the blog, hope you guys like it. Do let me know your viewpoint. Till then be safe, be alert, and take care. Thank you. 


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