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 Why fresher not get job? To be hired for the job. Why not fresher’s to be given a chance to prove themselves?

Fresher for job

Hello guys and this is the very serious topic and a very serious issue that needs to be addressed. And the topic is why fresher nit get job. While most of other try how to get job, we fresher are still dumb and sitting not getting the job. So if you ask how to get job in India, then I’ll be saying it’s very difficult to get a job in India. Other tries finding the job and we fresher search on Google best way to get job in India and job tips for fresher. It’s like there’s no job for fresher. Yeah this is the thing which nowadays keeps revolving around my mind. Because I am a fresher recently graduated and when I am going out to interact with the world for the job then I usually hear that we are hiring experienced but not fresher’s. There are also various problems faced by fresher in college. There are many companies who say they are the companies hiring fresher. Even fresher in corporate world face problem in the beginning but are not accepted. But why only fresher why only fresher find it difficult to find a job and why fresher not get job? They never say that and we never know the reason. Yeah I know as fresher we need training and guidance but what’s more from these? Due to these very reason companies and organizations are not hiring fresher. Why is the experience so important, the time when they joined they were also the fresher’s right? So what has changed right now and why fresher not get job? So let’s discuss the important issue of why fresher not get job. So hello and welcome guys to the gyansblogs and today’s topic will be something that for which I am seeking the answers from more than 6 months. So let’s begin with the topic that is why fresher not get job?

I don’t know why companies are not hiring the fresher right now. I am a BMS graduate specialized in the field of finance with the CGPA of 10, but then to nobody is interested in hiring. Maybe it must be true that while searching for the job mark sheet are just meant to be the piece of paper. But even if it is true than why not the school and colleges say these that your percentage will not matter but your experience and practical knowledge would matter. Even after graduation, why does college imply the students need to do masters? They could directly say that you need to work and gain experience. Now let’s leave this for a while. There’s still one question in my mind that the interviewee asks for the experience now to correct me if I am wrong but when the interviewee was himself hired in the organization for the first time did he have experience, wasn’t he or she given any training and guidance? So why this partiality than when they were hired experience doesn’t matter and now they hire the experienced and skilled person for the job. Not only this, many companies also say that they don’t hire fresher as fresher’s incur high cost in the form of training and salary. Its okay I totally understand this but isn’t it give and take Relationship Company is investing the time and training as well as cost won't we be giving them their return?

Yeah we are fresher’s but with proper training and guidance in the near future wont it be possible that fresher’s may turn to be the assets of the company. Nowadays many companies are also giving the reason that because of Corona we are not hiring the fresher but why, why fresher not get job why only fresher? This I don’t get. This pandemic was not something caused by the fresher’s. Freshers didn’t have any role in these pandemic than why these unfairness's with the fresher’s? Why only fresher’s.

Fraud against freshers, not hiring but asking for money.

Nowadays even if we apply for a job on an online portal then also their number of fresher’s gets trapped in some kind of scam. There they apply and receive calls from many fraudsters regarding jobs and they ask to pay as an entry fee, application fee and what not. They take the names of Mahindra, Tata and Bajaj and try to seduce them, they even offer fake offer letters and try seeking money. Freshers are already not getting the job and they are even trapped in various frauds and result in spending the money. I mean on one side they are not getting the job and on the other hand they are trapped in some type of scam. And there are a number of cases regarding these on consumer complaints. Few months back when I was searching for the job I also got trapped in some kind of data entry job. You can check it out


In this blog I have explained each and everything that how I was tracked, how they contacted me and how they asked me for the job and how I got trapped in their fraud. It’s like they will call you and say that you had applied for the job so we are hiring for the data entry job no skills required only mobile and data connections are essential. And in this way I got trapped in their scan. Latter I realized and took actions accordingly. Please go through it. It’s like an eye opener for the fresher who are badly in search for the jobs. Due to these many fresher get afraid.

I was nearly afraid and not knowing what to do but all thanks to one advocate and my cousin they helped me in this matter. Leaving these things apart I don’t understand why not fresher’s? Companies want to hire experience but not fresher, why. Maybe fresher’s can even do better from that of the experience with proper training and guidance no one knows what will happen unless and until a fair and square chance is given to prove oneself. So I don’t get why not fresher’s. But till date I don't know why fresher’s are not getting job, why companies don't hire fresher. Yeah there are problems for freshers in it industry but according to the time everything changes.

Reasons why fresher not get job.

  1. Not being active and aware how to get the things done.
  2. Not being passionate towards the job in the beginning.
  3. Lack of confidence and self belief.
  4. Lack of self realization on the cv and lack of self worth.
  5. Poor research and details about the work.
  6. No industry connection and also over qualification and under qualification.
  7. And most importantly wrong impression and not having any reference in the beginning

Freshers are the new to any organization or the company with the training they can be molded as an asset for the company but then too they are ignored. I don’t get it why, why fresher not get job. That’s it with the topic. If you guys have the answer then do tell me the reason and if any employer is reading this then please let us know the reason that why fresher not get job. If anyone has some sort of answer than let I and other freshers let us know the reason why fresher not get job. Still I am ending my topic without having the clear picture that why fresher not get job. That is with today’s blog on gyansblogs. See you in the next blog of gyansblogs. Till then be safe, be alert and take care. And please let me know the reason apart from above things that why fresher not get job. Thanks for reading.







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