Welcome to the new blog of gyansblogs and our todays topic will be on being yourself.
Being yourself means noting but been living the life the way you are and you want. Being self centred and self reliable. In short it means loving oneself. Following the ethics and been didicated to work and never loosing your identity. Identity is something that makes you easily recognisable to others. Develop by our views and approaches.Copying others will make you nothing but a copy or duplicate  of someone else. It will be the reason of losing your identity and your stake and presence.Copying someone can make you feel relax and happy for particular period but in future it will only give you sadness and make you feel guilty and bad.
Be unique from others. Be true to yourself. Be brave in your story. Be the person running life with own rules and policies. Be loyal and dedicated towards your success, be differnet and feel happy for been different. Make your own way. Move according to yourself. Try to do things what you want. There are number of people who depend on other. But you be hardworker and dedicated towards your goal.
If you want to do something do it, want to try something try it, Take risk try making your own path following others may trap you in any problem but being yourself will make you different and recognisable to others. Be the hero of your story, be the writer of your story, be the you in your story, be what you are in your story. Life is a story, story of some are same and some are different. Individuals having same story doesnt mean anything to anyone. If someone remember them they will remember for short span. But the individual with different and unexpected story will be remembered by world for ages. Your life picture lies in your hand you are only the one who decides how it should or would run, don't just allow anyone to take that control from you. Don't allow anyone to harm your identity. What you are you are best. When the people make fun of you you choose to keep quite, but if you see something wrong going on you raise your voice stand against it, this is you. Rather proving wrong to others be the one who stand against wrong and injustice. Rather than wasting your time on explaining to someone, take the action to protect and fight against wrong.
You choose to be different people will make fun of you, who cares. You choose to follow your principles people thinking you are mad, let it be. You think something different and take risk people think you are fool, let it be. It doesn't matter what people think but it really matters what you think about yourself. Have faith in yourself. People making fun of you today will be the one following you. People thinking you are mad will be the one with you to share your happiness. People try to be with you in your happiness rather than being with you in your badtimes. People ask for help in your good times but they are  the people who will show their back when we need them. Trust yourself, be confident, be the innovator, be the you, be yourself.
The truth is you will never be satisfied by being someone else. You will never be happy by settling for something different and someone else's idea of living. You will never be happy if you change yourself to fit in the society and among people. It is merely impossible to be happy when your genuinely not. Be yourself if want to explore the true purpose of your life. "If you are different be different and do it pride what you want". If someone doesn't like it may be many don't like it who cares. There will always be someone brighter, stronger, healthier, taller, wealthier than you but there will be no one like you. KURT COBAIN once said " I'd rather be hated for who i am rather been love loved for someone who I am not " Be real, being yourself is the greatest filter you can use, it filters out the people who don't belong with you and at the same time it reveals the one who do belong to you.
BE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU, NO MATTER WHO HAS HURT YOU, NO MATTER WHAT YOU BELIEVE BE YOURSELF AND BE KIND TO OTHERS. These will help you feel happy. These will give you satisfaction. But if you don't life will be painful because living the life with mask on you can't see, you can't get the real happiness and the real feeling of being yourself. Repeat yourself everyday that I am different that is why i win, I am unique and that is why I am great. I am not anyone else in these world I am what I am and I am greatful for what I am becoming, I am committed to be myself and to true to myself no matter what situation or circumstances occurs, I will be what i am and I will be myself.

"People will hate you people will love you,
People will make fun of you and will laugh on you,
People will do what they want,
So you do what you want,
No need to plead to anyone,
No need explain to anyone,
There no need to showcase something you are not.

If you don't feel like doing it don't do it,
Instead choose your own path,
Make your own ways,
Be the achiever,
Be what you are,
Be who you are ,
Be the real you ,
You are the writer, director and choreographer of your own story,
You change the world,
By being yourself,
So be yourself and love yourself." :Gyanendra Biswal


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