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Life during Lockdown!!!
Welcome to the new post of gyansblogs. Our todays topic will be on life during lockdown.
Life during Lockdown was not as usual as it used to be due to #coronavirus. Life during lockdown was very boring for some, exciting and innovative for some. These lockdown has given as a variation or taught us a new variation for life. So lets discuss the life during lockdown. Lets know what was the changes in life during #coronavirus.

As you all know the world is facing a pandemic and we are trying to fight against it by staying at home and maintaining social distancing. We don't know when all these will get over or when the vaccination will be made, so lets hope we can find the vaccination and live our normal life's. Before this lockdown or pandemic we all were able to meet our friends, family, partners etc. but now we all the staying in our house or you may also say that we are in house arrest. The freedom to go out has been taken from us due to this pandemical this things we were taking for granted but now we all know that life teaches you everything in it's own way. I don't know if it has happen to you or not but during the lockdown my daily routine got messed up,I was sleeping at 3 am and was waking up in afternoon. During this lockdown I think breakfast was totally eliminated from my life. OH man, I was becoming so lazy and was eating all junk food during this time. We all need to be thankful that we all have devices to pass our time during the lockdown but sometimes it becomes curse or bad for us, I became addicted to my phone always watching movies, playing
games or chatting. 24×7 I was just looking at the screen of my phone and was not focusing on my health and some days I haven't taken the bath also. This devices makes our lives easy but at the same time they make us lazy, I know it helps to fight boredom and connects you with people but we should equally focus on our lives as well.
So I have decided to uninstall some applications from my phone which were wasting my time and know I have decide to do home workout to stay fit and would learn cooking as well. So friends stay safe and pickup some hobbies during this time.

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