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Criket is back again!!
Welcome to gyansblogs. Today the topic is all about cricket and ipl.

IPL!! IPL!! IPL!!  My vacation is on its way. Yeah IPL, finally can't believe IPL is gonna happen. Wow.. Mumbai vs Chennai, all time favourite yeahh?. Oo sorry sorry, couldn't control the excitement. Lets get started with our blog.
IPL IS GONNA HELD/ IPL MATCHES 2020, Date time venue and schedule. Cricket, waiting is OVER. GOOD NEWS FOR CRICKET FANS. Ya we were waiting to hear all these stuff. And now finally we are heard it.

Hey guys,I hope you all are great and having fun. Each and everyone of us would love to watch or play some or the other kinds of sports,but due to the pandemic all the sporting events were
stopped or called off,postponed. A sports event or a game brings togetherness between the people who are watching a particular sports.

As Indians we love our game, cricket and whenever or wherever Indian team is playing match we as fans are always present there as the 12th man or as fans. When this pandemic hit India,we
all were not worried about the disease, but worried whether IPL(Indian Premier League) will get postpone or will happen as the scheduled date.

As the pandemic was getting worse in India we all started believing IPL or cricket would not be held this year but now the BCCI has given the permission for IPL to be held in UAE and for 1.3 billion peole it
is a great news for us. There's a sad part that we  THE fans can't go and watch the match due to social distancing. Cricket or IPL both is incomplete without the fans in the stadium. 40,000 people are shouting out loud and cheering the team which will automatically give goosebumps to anyone, the cheer in the stadium is soo loud you can't even hear the person sitting next to you what he or she is saying.
IPL breaks the boundary of different states and bring them together with help of cricket. Exciting part of watching the match live is that you could see you favorite players and the second "The
Mexican wave" all the crowd in the stadium participates in these which would create the best view ever. During IPL or any cricket match the people in the stadium all together chants the
name of cricketing god Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. The crowd chants his name Sachiinnnnn! Sachiiiinnnn!
and claps in between which would create the best rhythm. 

As I have talked a bit about IPL lets talk about International cricket.  Aftera long break or due to the lockdown the cricket was resumed on 8th July 2020,the test match was between West Indies vs England, after a long time fans were able to watch live cricket again which was a
exciting and thrilling match to watch for. The 1st test was won by West Indies but the series was won by England.
Its the most exciting thing about us. Being a fan we enjoy cricket. No matter which country or team is playing, unless its cricket. Hope we will see more international and domestic matches happening and I am most excited for IPL. Eagerly waiting for 19 September for IPL to start. Fully packed with a tight schedule to watch each and every match of IPL. My 1 month vacation is gonna start from September 19. What about you guys? Do comment your favourite team in comment section. 


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