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A worst case scenario.

Welcome to the new post of gyansblogs.2020, NO WORK, NO INCOME, NO ENJOYMENT, am i not right? Is there any enjoyment, is there any way of incone for living for some and is there any work jn the market. Most of us must be listening that there is no money in the market. Isn't it correct. And on top of that UGS's exam decision for final year student its likea tourture. Ok! Lets start the topic.

So Hey whatsupp? I hope everyone are doing great? 
NO! Why? Its a long vacation, with full of holidays and leave. Staying home each and everyday, being with families and friends is a great thing yeah? And for students no college no school and for some there is no classes. Yeah i know some of you must be having online lectures on mobile, pc or anything but in these also your staying home its cool right.
NO I DONT THINK SO. First lets talk about we as a student and than we'll be talking we as a elder ones.
As a student when i was in school i wanted holidays very badly, even when i was completing my college my need was the same, but with slight difference. I needed holiday in school for playing and in colleges I needed to rome and to travel with friends. In college, we didnt wish for holiday, instead we wished that there should be no lectures so that we can go on trekking, swimming, roming and much more, in short we needed time for holidays. In school to we wished for holiday or we wanted each and every lectures to be games or PT period so that all of us can form group and play kho-kho, throwball, dodgeball and also cricket. Under both the circumstances we neede our friends to be with us, we wanted to enjoy every moment but does been at home fulfill all these, My answere will be no, infact most of our answers will be know. Cause its a human tendancy to be around people everytime, its human need that the others should notice them, praise them, be with them. But at home noting gets noticed, we even cant go for trekking or even can't meet our friends. We can't even play cricket or go out for picnic. So whats the use of these holiday that dont connect us with others, instead it cuts our connection with others. I dont think these was the holiday vaccation we all needed. I don't think this thing will help us. In short its not a vaccation but a nightmare or boring thing for all of the students.
Ok, now lets talk about elders. Eleders are the one who generates income for family. They worlk hard, earn on daily or monthly purpose to fullfill the needs of the family. So now can they do they work properly. The answer is no, cause either they are at home due to the pandamic or are forced to be at home by companies. Recently we are coming accross that private sectors are removing their workers from jobs. Permanent workers are also losing their job. There is no way of income generation for many families. They just have to sit in home have their food "WHICH IS NOT FREE" and nowadays its costing much more higher, and wait for the pandamic to get over. Which is not likely to gonna happen with a short span. There are many people who are at home without any income for more than 6-7 months. So how will they survive, there is no rocket science in their earning method, so that they can move these and they will be getting money no. So these is not a holiday for them too. For them toh its a worst nightmare cause they not only have to look after themself but also to their families. So these must be very tense situation for them. In short they are also not enjoying these.

Now lets talk a bit about spam or fake job calls. You guys will not be believing in these lockdown i have received alot of spam call, related to job, fishing, and scams. I am a student, final year student yeah. So I have applied my resume in many sites, so each and every day I receive calls regarding job selection. They select me without any interview. Then they ask for payment of specific amount. And after sometime they either are unreachable or will be switched off, yeah i was been scammed like these, but there is one phrase " experience teaches a man everything" so it taught me something. Now if I recieve call regarding job and they ask for payment and if i say no, than there is direct disconnection of call. So if you gove money then they will talk and if not they won't. Yeah from money I got something to say , there are various portals or sites who say that they are best job provider sites, but for providing job, but for that they need us to take their membership, "WHICH IS NOT FREE", In short now for doing job also you need to pay money. Without money no one is gonna help you.And now the most hot topic among every politician and students." FINAL YEAR EXAMINATION". Its like final year students are stuck in desert. They can't even move these side or that side. UGC (University Grants Commission) are firm to take final year students exams it may be out of ego or polictics i dont know.  But because of their statement final year students are facing pressure, first the decision was not to take exam than again the decision canged, after a span the decision again changed. Final year students are not even getting a clear picture whether the exam are gonna held or no. As the students are not getting certified degree they can not even apply for job. Cause in job they need to submit their qualification. Not only these why can't ugc think that if the student is clearing each and exam semesters with good grades than why can't he/she will be passed in last exam. Its been 4-5 months, colleges has been closed so would the students remember what was taught in colleges, there are many colleges where the portion was also not completed so what about that. Its like holding the legs of students, and letting them to overcome above from studies and also not letting them go for jobs.
So these holidays are not for enjoyment, its for  the purpose of sorrow and grievance. Each and every people, whether he may be child, teen, old are facing issues, for some its difficult to feed their family are some are even traumatized for being all day at home. Dont know what to say more.

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