Suicide, a worst crime and sin.
Welcome to the new blog of gyansblogs. This is the second part or further most part of SUICIDE.

The answer is yes we can. We can be a hero, we can save someones life. We can stop someone from doing something wrong or suucide.

Lets get started directly. So before an individual tries to commit suicide the person gives various signs and symptoms. Lets understand them.

Signs and Symptoms of Suicidal Ideation: 
Most people who are experiencing suicidal ideations do give off warning signs that they’re intending to die by suicide. 
The best way to prevent this tragedy is to recognize and act upon any warning signs that a loved one or family member is considering death by suicide. The most common warning symptoms and signs of suicidal thoughts and behaviors include:

Behavioral Symptoms:
1) Giving away prized possessions : The person tries to give away his rewards belongings to other. The individual offers his wealth and other things to the person around him.
2)Talking about death, dying : The person keeps on talking about death, how wonderful death is. Death the solution of all problems. And wishing to die to feel the relief.
3) Using phrases such as “when I’m gone…” or “I’m going to kill myself” : At times they mostly use words like when i die and I am going to die. They say like they want to kill themselves maybe in joking way but they say. These is the sign that person is not mentally strong and is having suicidal strategy in mind.
5) Getting affairs in order
Saying goodbye to loved ones
6) Obtaining items needed for suicide attempt : The person buys items for suicide like knife, poison, ropes and many more things.
7) Decreased social contact, increasing drug and alcohol usage, Withdrawing from once-pleasurable activities
Increased risky behaviors are all the common signs of suicide.

Physical Symptoms:
Scars or injuries from past suicide attempts
Changes in eating or sleeping habits
Chronic and/or terminal illness

Cognitive Symptoms:
Preoccupation with death and dying
Belief that dying by suicide is the only way to end emotional pain

Psychosocial Symptoms:
Feeling helpless; trapped by emotional pain
Intense emotional pain
Feeing hopeless about a situation
Mood swings
Sudden changes in personality
Severe anxiety and agitation
This are the symptoms of the person thinking for suicide. Take a note of these behavior because you may be a helping hand for someone at times. The person always thinks negative of each and every situation. If something wrong happens the person feels like he is responsible for that and all.

Effects of Suicidal Ideation
The long-term effects of suicidal thoughts and behaviors are tremendously challenging, often devastating, and may include:Severe injury
Damage to all organ systems
Brain damage
Brain death
Seizures, Coma, Death

Effects upon Suicide Survivors: For every completed suicide, 6 to 8 people are left behind to grieve the major loss. These suicide survivors must face grief complicated by the stigma of dying by suicide. Effects of suicide on suicide survivors can include: Extreme guilt
Going over and over the last moments with the loved one, trying to figure out how they could have prevented the suicide
Complicated grieving, Shame, Anger.
Feelings that they are unable to properly grieve in a public way due to the stigma of suicide & Deep depression

These are the common signs and symptoms of suicide with effects. If you find someone of your family friends and anyone try talking to them. Try to be around them till they feel better. Make them feel there is someone on whom they can relieve. Its a single life. So there will be problems and there will be hard times. This are the hurdles we need to come over. Life is like a remote. Its in your hand how you want your life. If you give up than there's no meaning of life. If you fight against everything than you are a warrior. If you prove yourself to be worthy, than other will consider it too. But if you are the one backing off, mocking down, so what you expect from the people around you. People respect and helps the one who helps himself. So be yourself, make yourself tough. There will be some problems in your life but ones its gone there will be shining stars and blossoming rainbow.

Watch the video Below

See these videos, There  are people who are physically handicapped. Than too they didn't give up on their life. They are fighting like a warrior and overcoming their problems. If they can consider themselves as a fighter than why cant you. If they cant stop than how can you. There are many such people who don't have proper food, facilities and clothes than to they seek for living, starting their next day with a lot more energy and enthusiasm. So why cant you ?

YESTERDAY WAS YOUR PAST, TODAY IS YOUR PRESENT. TOMORROW WILL BE YOUR FUTURE. You cannot change whats gone. But you can change your today for your better tomorrow. Be a fighter to become a warrior. Help someone if they need. 

Talk to us if you need. We are there to listen to you. We are always there to support you. We know the pain we can help you. Just talk to us or anyone when you really need to talk. Don't take such actions which are unnecessary.

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