Blogging or blogger I dont know what it means or what it stand for. 


1. I only know that through blogging one can share his idea, his perception and his thought. And the blogger means the person who shares, writes it. Blog and vlog are two different thing we usually get confused between this. Blog means something in written format whereas vlog means something in video format. It may differ from person to person. Vlog may be related to videos related to personal and social as well. Whereas blog means the same but in written format. Blogs include small stories, big stories, quotes, memes, sayaris, song thought and many other thing.
2. I know most of us think we don't have any idea or anything on which we can write or make video. We cannot do anything as we dont have talent. I know these, this is the conmon thing, even I used to believe these even now also I believe these. But there's one difference between you and me. While thinking about it I write it down. I think I don't have talent, I write it down. I think I dont have knowledge I write it down. While writing I write what I don't have but at the same time I write as well why I don't have. Like if I think I don't have confidence. I search for the reason why I dont have. While pursuing the answer I note it down. And try to share it. This is not for myself this is also for others. I know each and every individual are not same. But the feeling and emotion are somewhat same. Like if we lack confidence others may also lack. There may be different reason for their lackness or confidence but the scen is same. So I try to share it. Like why I dont have confidence, what I do to gain it,whats my current scenario. This not only helps me but at that very time it motivates or plays as a guidance for other. So I write ot down. 
3. When I was in school one day I dont really remember the standard but there was one ma'am who used to say to write a dairy. So that you come to know whats going on in your life. But she said to write the dairy at the end of the day thats just before going to bed. So I used to write soemtimes and sometimes I ignored it. In this way I started writing. Years passed on and my writing situation kept on evolving. Soemtime I described my day by writing sometimes I used to write sayari and sometimes I used to write few lines for friends. I dont know how my writings were but I do remember whenever my friends needed to write some lines or wanted to dedicate few lines for someones birthday or to their girlfriend they used to ask me. This help me and gave motivation to write things. First I used to write cause I wanted to write but after sometime I got certain aim. 
4. And that aim was to create awareness and help other. For these I started to research and came across the term blog and blogging. 
5. I came to know that through blog I can share my thoughts and perception. In these way I started blogging.
6. To started blogging is not an hard or difficult task. Infact its very easy. But we need to be dicated to ourself. Take two week and post one blog doesn't matter. But be dedicated and decided that within every two week I am gonna post one blog. Doesn't matter the post is story or meme. Something imaginary or personal, something informative or social. But the thing that matter is continuity. Doesnt matter how much your quantity is but it matters when it comes to quality. For example on one side take whole dictionary and on another side only two motivational lines whats the thing you'll be choosing? 
Most of us answer is but obvious that we'll choose motivational lines. Like wise see to it that your blog has good quality with appropriate content. It should not be like your publishing for every age group but your main content is adult things. Blog must not be like these it should be SEO friendly. Try noting down your things. Don't have idea write about it. Write something about yourself or else discribe the people around you. 
7. Blog will not only help you to become self dependent but will also help in making you the better version of yourself.
For me blogging is a life changer. I am a bit introvert type of person. I dont like to interact with many, have less confidence, even I get nervous while walking or looks. But cause of blogging my life is slowly changing its colours. Earlier I didn't want to talk to anyone but now I am starting to talk and make new friends though it takes time to make but its a good improvement. 8. Cause of blogging my vocabulary and my words spells are changing slowly slowly. Blog not only help in developing oneself but it also helps in perceiving knowledge. 
9. It feels great when our blog is helpful for someone, we feel blessed even if we help one by our blog. For some blogging is passion and for some its professional. We cam easily make money through blogging not only these we get a small meaning to life.

APNI saktio ka estemal kr,
Glaya toh sona b jata h,
Pr chamk uska fir bhi hota h,
Taras tu etna khudko,
Ke ek din madat kre tu sabko,
Tera likh jo h logo ke bhalayi ke liye,
Likh aur likhte reh logo ko shikhane ke liye"...

In English it means
"Do work without any doubt and thought,
Make use of your power,
Even gold gets melted, 
But it doesn't loses its shine,
Polish yourself as that much, 
That one day you can help other,
You write what is best for people,
Do write and keep on writing  to teach to the people".
If a person starts writing he will automatically start developing love to write. Thats it in todays blog. Starting the blog website is very easy but maintaining it is a bit difficult. So in next blog of gyansblogs we will be discussing about creating and maintaining the blog channel. 


1. It gives meaning to life.
2. Improves confidence.
3. Boost morale .
4. Self believe
5. Helps in becoming the best version of yourself.
6. It provides inspiration and motivation.
7. A means to help other.
8. A means to make yourself proud.
9. Helps in becoming GOAL Oriented.
10. Provides success.
11. Helps an individual ti be punctual.
12. Reason to think and dream big.
13. Improves writing skills.
14. Helps in developing communication skills.
15. Blogging helps in becoming an innovator.
16. Develops leadership quality.
17. Helps in becoming your own boss.
18. Develops knowledge and skills.
19. Heps in becoming the master.
See you in next blog till than, BE SAFE, TAKE CARE AND BE HAPPY.



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