Welcome to the new blog of gyansblogs, so guys there's one question, is our life perfect. Can we achieve something without effort? Is there any gain without bearing a pain? Most of us answer will be no. And yeah it must be, like in order to buy a choclate we need to get money, go to shop buy choclates and unwrap it than we could have it, Likewise to make life meaningful there are various efforts and pains to be beared to get perfect life.
In our life's we have heard many things like "hardwork is the way to success" or "no pain,no gain", all this things mean the same but in different words . Ofcourse hardwork is important in our life to succeed but we never find a motivation to do it, even though we find a motivation it would only last for a day or two. We always think that its too hard task to be completed or achieved by us so we don't even try. Sometimes we feel there are not enough opportunities for us to try. I don't know how our mind finds a way to delay things or demotivates us .
I always starts a thing and never finishes it or keeps on delaying it, I always thought that I give up because the task is hard, but when I think about it now I feel like its not true , I think we have trained our brain to give up on things, we have even made our brains lazy just like us, by this we are fooling ourselves everyday . I know there are many tasks which are hard but quitting is not a way to solve or complete the task . Even I am lazy to complete my task and waste my whole day staring at my mobile .
I know there is hardship in everyone's life or in our society but it shouldn't effect our work. Atleast we must try.
Our parents use to say "work hard when you are young so you would live a happy life when  we grow old" I think each and everyone have heard this line in your life once , our parents said this to us because as we are young we have so much energy in us which would help us to work longer and better but as we grow old we use to feel a bit tried . Some studies say that if you focus or do a particular activity for 10,000 hours than you can master that activity, we all have the capability but we do it? Absolutely not.
Even though we may face many down fall in our lives but it teaches us something for future to not repeat it again . Even though I am telling you all this thing but I am not at all perfect but way am I telling this is because to have a change together because life cannot be taken for granted. I have heard one phrase in hindi, stating jitna tum seh skte ho utna hi tumhe milega, meaning you will get only that much how much you can bear. Each and everyone has major or minor issue. Each and everyones life is not perfect there's something or other problem in life. But these doesn't mean we should giveup or don't try. There's only one life try to utilize most of it. No one is perfect nor anyone is imperfecr, it depends upon the life we live and our approach towards that life. 
Thats it with this blog see you in next gyansblogs, till than Be safe, take care and stay healthy and dont forget to share.

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