Hello whatsupp everyone welcome to the all new blog of gyansblogs. Todays topic will be my life and my experience. This not something which is copied, but its the fact of my life till now. Blog states how my life is all messed up with demotivation, why I feel like giving up but what inspires me not to. 
So, My life and my experience what to say about these ok lets start with the topic qithoit any intro, cause its related to my life so why to give intrro if I haven't got any of such. So Sometimes i feel like am i worth it.

While chilling or been with friends no matter how much involved I am with them there's always few question in my mind. Am i worth it, why am i here. What the meaning of my life. I am 22 years hold holding very high dreams to be a winner of reality shows, but do I have talent? I want to be a achiever but are my moto strong. I question myself and always get the answere no. I am not worth it, i am not talented I am nothing with no speciality. We know the term magnet, like wise problem and i are magnet. No matter how minor the problem is or how sever the problem is, it always gets attracted to me.
I have few dreams, I have some good qualities and if we talk about bad ones than there are lists of it. So lets skip the list. The question here is, have I tried to improve my bad quality. No answer most probably is no. I am a bit introvert type of person. I dont make friends or talk to someone, nor I have number of friends to be around me. Nor I have money to showoff myself. But there are thing I have but its not needed. Humanity, sincierty, loyalty and been truthful. I dont think its needed. But have it, badluck. 
Sometimes it feels like to leave everything and run. I know it sounds bit funny but I feel like running away from family society and people and I want to learn. I want to achieve, I want success. I want silence, I want meaning to my life, I want to be something whom everyone admires. My luck is so bad the thing in whichever i put my self I get to face defeat or I loose. I want to help others. I want to be with others. I want success, I want everything but with everyone. My motive is to help other, my motive is to create inspiration my motive is to change every single thing which can be done. Recently living a life full worthless with nothing to enjoy. Trying my 100% but without surety in life.
Let me talk abut of few incidents I started a business in which there was no scope of loss than too there I faced the loss of money. Second was searching for job got stuck in job scam. Went olnine to earn money but now I am been threatened and tortured to give money. Even I know the company is fraud than too I am afraid and in fear. I want to talk to someone, who will be there by my side, but whenever I see beside me there's no one I can see. No matter I have friends. But one supporting me and motivating me never got one. My life is so scopeless that I applied or complained in consumer forum. Few days after I received call from consumer forum related to my problem, stating that please share their number we will talk with the company on your behalf. Till now I didn't receive any mail or threats of company but as soon as I sent my complaint to consumer complain I received a mail stating you need to pay these much of money or legal actions and court case will be done. Like I knew company is fraud, than too I shared number of the company to solve the issue after that came to know that company and consumer complaint are one and the same. 
These are few experience of my life. Sometime I feel like living everything and running away and sometime I feel like ending my self to end each and every topic. 

At that very time I remember about my dad who has faced number of problems in life but haven't gived up. The man who used to earn 18000-20000, 15 years back now earns only 9000-10000. The man who had, the salary of 600-700 per day, started to earn from 250 Rs per day. Than too he never gived up. He was always there to support me to fulfill my each and every damand. If haven't given up by facing so much issue than how can I give up. This is the only thing that motivates me. 
I dont know about others life but in my life I am the attracter I attract each and every problem. Theres a line in hindi, " udta tir apne g*** pr lena". These is what I do each and every time. Which means taking an arrow into your bu**.
So thats it see you in our next blog. Till than stay safe stay happy be alert and help others. Bye

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