So Hello guys, welcome to the new blog of gyansblogs. So yeah you saw it right. My inspiration, who inspires me to become the better version of myself, my ideal and my role model is non other than the Reality king, star of reality show PRINCE NARULA.
In this blog I'll be discussing something which everyone knows, but whats the thing which makes Prince sir my ideal.

So I didn't knew who was Prince narula till he arrived to the youths most loved show roadies. First day audition stretching the legs and holding football with the crown on head I know it was helmet but it looked like crown, guitar in hand and one cloth I dont know its name. Task was to remain strected till judges say. He remained strected and sang a song "oye jatt kehnda uth len de". Till this time he was nothing for me but an ordinary roadie. But when all judges selected him, he was asked the question to select the gang leader. Prince bhai selected Ranvijay sir. As a roadies follower I respect Ranvijay sir alot. So I liked that prince bhai choosed ranvijay sir. But when he got selected he stated one sentence to ranvijay sir,"Bhai mai yaha ane ke phile soch liya tha ke khelunga toh apke liye aur jitinga bhi apke liye" . This statement impressed me. He got selected and started his roadies journey. He was with ranvijay sir along with Gurmeet. Both used to love and were very good task performer. But once there was some task or something where both were forced  to leave ranvijay sir's gand and go to other gang under different gang leader. Both prince bhai and Gurmeet were not ready for these. They didn't wanted to leave ranvijay sir and join vijender Singh's gang. Vijender singh asked prince bhai to join his team but prince bhai replied no. And said I was clear from first day I want to play for ranvijay sir and I will be on my words. If you choose me, I'll be safe but in next task I'll not perform and leave. By hearing this vijender sir choose Gurmeet he was also very upset and not willing to leave ranvijay but atlast he did. But here the statement of prince bhai earned a huge respect from my end. Then till semi final, There were 3 players selected for and voting system was conducted and Gurmeet got highest votes and he went to final and there was selection to be made between prince narula and rizwan as there was a tie between them. Gurmeet was given the chance to choose and he choosed prince. But alot of people were dissapointed even Ranvijay sir and prince bhai were dissapointed. So in order, not to look bias Ranvijay sir gave an idea to give one chance to rizwan and then a bout task toon place. He won the task. I don't know what was in that I started following him. In final prince bhai won. But here now I used to respect and loved him. Till this time he was like my ideal. Like whatever this guy does, does with his all strength and gives his 100%. He said that I will win roadies for you sir he did it. 
Before this he was a second runner up of MR PUNJAB. But when he came to roadies he won it that also by saying this must be an coincidence but later he went to another reality show big boss. Even while entering the house he said I am the king, I am here for win and I'll win. And by coincidence he must have, but he won the title of big boss. 

Then after bigboss he went to another reality show Spitsvilla there he said task and all have happened alot. I am here for love but I will win the show and he again won the show.
Not only these aftersome year he came to another big reality show Nacbaliye, here he didn't say he wanna win the show but he won it. Irs like a cycle for these man to go into the show and win. I don't like him for his winning streak, but I love him for his sincierty. Not only I am the one most of the youth who follows roadies respects and love him. He is a mentor and a great teacher. I respect him alot and also at the same time follows him. Infact most of roadie has a dream to play for Prince bhai or be in Prince Narula's gang. 
Its like I respect him cause he is man of his words. I love him cause he gives alot of love and respect to his students. He is my role model because he inspires me to do great in my life. He is my role model and idel because he teaches me whether everything is over, whether your noes breaks or your toe gets fracture, whether you have something or nothing you should try and give your best shot. Winning and losing doest matter but at the end what matters is how hard you tried. 
This is the reason I respect, love and follow him as my role model. I want to be like PRINCE NARULA.
This was it see you in next blog. Till than take care, stay safe and be alert.
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