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  There are a number of  tools for marketing the affiliate link and affiliate products but have you thought which is the best. YouTube or Blogging? Have you ever thought of making money through affiliate marketing and had the question which is the best affiliate marketing tool?  Have you been in a dilemma and have questions about which is the best affiliate marketing tool for affiliate products whether to go through blogging or YouTube. Have you thought of making your living through affiliate earning? Well, I have thought of doing so. And there’s always been confusion about which is the best way of conversion. Well but before this, I have one question that’s which is the best media for making affiliate money. And I have always been in the confusion about which is the best affiliate marketing tool for affiliate product whether YouTube or whether blogging is best for conversion. So guys in this blog of gyansblogs where we’ll discuss this very important topic which is the best affiliate marketing tool for affiliate products, whether it is blogging or whether it is YouTube. Apart from this, you can also establish an affiliate website for free. You can google how to make an affiliate website for free and you will get a number of websites.You can try this for affiliate marketing. So when I heard of affiliate marketing I thought of promoting it through any means. So while registering for affiliate marketing on any site I used to share my Facebook I’d in the website link. And once I got my affiliate store and my specific affiliate I’d I used to share it personally with everyone and asked them to use the link whenever they made a purchase of any product or anything else. Though I haven’t made even a single rupee from this trick I used to. After a while, I realized that this method is useless though I can make some money asking people to make a purchase this will be for a short period of time so I dropped this idea and started to think of another method. I made huge research about which will be the best affiliate marketing tool for the promotion of affiliate products. Then after a time span, I came to know that we can share affiliate products through various social media. These media are Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and email, YouTube blogger, and even Quora and many more. So I focused more on details about blogging and YouTube.Both this medium has excellent conversion. Through YouTube as well as through blogging one can make huge money. The person needs to have some basic idea of content creation. So today in gyansblogs we will discuss these very topics which is the best affiliate marketing tool for affiliate products, blogging or YouTube. I know there are a number of promoting tools but let's consider blogging youtube as this is the most basic and most asked question on the internet. So without wasting any further time let’s get started with our today’s topic. So let’s start with the thing: what's really affiliate marketing?

Best tool for affiliate marketing, gyansblogs

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. It can be said that there are 4 parties involved: the merchant, the network, the publisher, and the customer. When it comes to the actual product there is the affiliate product seller and the marketer i.e. is the affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing can be seen as the process of spreading product creation and product marketing to various people and asking them to use the product by explaining to them the benefits of the product. It’s like attracting the consumers to some product and earnings for the same. Even you can be both the creator and the marketer.

Affiliates can also range from single individuals to the entire company. Affiliate marketing can make thousands and thousands of dollars and rupees. In fact, an individual can make passive income by affiliate marketing. Like at night you sleep and when you get up and check your account there you see 1000 of dollars and rupees. This is possible in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a word consisting of two words: affiliate and marketing. Affiliate means a person or an individual officially attached to the large bodies whereas marketing means promoting or selling the market product which also includes advertisement and market research. So when both words are bought together it forms affiliate marketing.

What are affiliate products?

An affiliate promotes one or multiple affiliate products and tries to attract potential customers for buying that product and once the customer purchases the product then the promoter gets his commission. This product which the promoter is selling to the customer is known as the affiliate product.

There are a number of affiliate products; they may be any website or any app, any food or any clothes, any book or any sales all these are affiliate products. The product can be related to education, beauty, health, or any other products. There are a number of options for an individual to make while selling the affiliate product the promoter may choose from this number of options and could sell any product or services according to his or her liking. On some products, there is a high return and on some products, there is a low return. On some products, there is passive income and on some products, there is a one-time return. So it’s totally the promoters call which product they want to sell to the customer.

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing?

1.   Affiliate marketing is performance-based so there are high chances of self-improvement in marketing as the promoter will always be in a search of performing more and more.

2.   It helps to broaden your audience and also helps in growing your traffic.

3.   Affiliate can also boost your confidence and may help you in becoming the best version of yourself.

4.   It’s a cost-effective tool.

5.   Affiliate marketing can help you in earning a high income and can also help you in building your career.

Which is the best affiliate marketing tool for an affiliate product, Blogging, or YouTube.

Blogging and YouTube both are the best affiliate marketing tools for affiliate products. So it’s the promoters call which medium he or she needs to choose. But before that let’s understand what blogging is and what YouTube is.

Apart from this Amazon affiliate, Flipkart affiliate, there is also a kindle affiliate program are the best affiliate product.

There are a number of social media affiliate marketing tips.

What is blogging?

Blogging refers to any means that’s been published online. It may be writing, photography, and other media. Blogging starts as an opportunity to write a diary. Describing the things, thoughts, and views on online media. Blogging started as an opportunity for the individual to write diary-style entries, but it has since been incorporated into websites for the business. Blogging includes frequent updates, informal language, and opportunities for readers to engage and start a conversation.

In short, writing about your favorite topic, sharing pictures, or even giving a review can be meant as blogging. Blogging is as simple as obtaining a website and publishing original content on it. Bloggers can buy a domain name and build the website themselves. Those with less HTML knowledge can create an account with sites like WordPress that simplify the web design and publishing process. Blogs are usually simple websites. It's similar to the news feed on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

And if discuss the benefits of blogging then there are a number of benefits it can be stated as

· Blogging can help you in earning a high amount of money.

· You can also start your own business if you have a blog.

· You can attract more traffic and people.

· You can also become a good writer and also a good content creator.

· Blogging can also help you in becoming an author.

· Blogging can also help you in becoming more confident about yourself.

· Blogging will also help in building a good network.

Apart from this, there are also a number of other benefits.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video-sharing website. On YouTube, one can share videos on any topic. YouTube is an American online video sharing platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. YouTube allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to playlist, reports, subscribe, and many other things. It offers a wide variety of user-generated and corporate media videos. Available content includes video clips; TV shows clips, music, video, short and documentary films, audio recordings, movie trailers, live streams, and other content such as video blogging, short original videos, and educational videos too. On YouTube creators can earn advertising revenue from Google ad sense, a program that targets ads according to site contents and audience. It’s necessary for the users to first register and after the registration, only the user can upload the video.

There are various services provided by YouTube like premium channels, YouTube music, and also YouTube premium. Age-restricted videos are available only to registered users affirming themselves to be at least 18 years age. YouTube is a medium where an individual makes videos and portrays their message through videos.

And when we talk about the benefits of YouTube it can be as

· It is very simple to use

· It helps in building a large audience.

· Inexpensive and zero investing cost.

· Helps in providing the information in a visual format.

· High source of income through ads and promotion.

Difference between Blogging and YouTube.


· Blogging is in written or Image format.

· Blogging can reach a number of extents but in the beginning, it needs to be pushed a bit for letting people know about your website exits.

· It’s comparatively less useful in today’s time as compared to YouTube.


·     YouTube is in video format. One can see the video about certain topics when he searches over that topic.

· YouTube videos can be easily shared with the public and it can reach a number of people without any effort and with ease.

· Comparatively YouTube has more reach in today’s time as people are more attracted to video format as compared to blogging.

Which is the best affiliate marketing tool for affiliate products, blogging, or YouTube?

blogging vs YouTube, gyansblogs

Both YouTube and blogging had their own benefits; they are good for promotion according to their terms. But when we consider affiliate marketing for higher conversion than for that purpose I think YouTube is the best tool for promotion. Through YouTube, we can share the product and its details very easily and this will help the consumer in getting the exact details and in return, it will give high conversion. Whereas when we consider how to share the affiliate link it can be done by sharing the product link and sharing them and it will help in getting or making the money.

On YouTube, an individual can mention the product in a description link and ask people to purchase if they like. One can also demonstrate the product and show the details and ask people if they like it then they can opt for it. And whereas while seeing or promoting an affiliate product link on blogger one can write the details of the product and add the link in the form of Meta niche and can ask others to purchase. One can also promote the product as a promotion or even provide details and do the marketing. People can easily make money from YouTube and blogging.

In the end, I would conclude that according to me YouTube is the best means for affiliate marketing. There are high chances of conversion if people see the video of some product then they get attracted as they see the product in a visual format and can choose the product accordingly. Whereas nowadays if we compare television with newspaper, television has got more reach than newspaper as television is in video format and the newspaper is in written format. So I think that television has more reach. So there are high chances of conversion through YouTube. It’s not like blogging does not have a high conversion, but it’s my perception. If we see blogging it takes a high investment of time for building a good audience and adopts good Seo tools for getting good views. So this is what I think is the best affiliate marketing tool for affiliate products as compared to blogging and YouTube. For promoting affiliate links we can also use Quora, Facebook, and other social media. Everyone has their own perception so this is my perception of what I think is best affiliate marketing tool for affiliate products. Yeah, I can explain which is the best affiliate marketing tool for  affiliate products but I haven’t made even a single Rupee through affiliate marketing as I have never focused on affiliate marketing. That’s it with these blogs of gyansblogs of our today’s topic of best free tools for affiliate products, whether it’s YouTube or blogging.I can guarantee that this is the basic question which an affiliate marketer thinks of that which is the best promoting tool for affiliate product blogging or youtube. This blog depended on my thoughts about what's yours. Comment your preference according to you which is the best affiliate marketing tool for affiliate product blogging or youtube. Let’s end our today’s topic here. See you in the next blog till then take care, be safe, and stay healthy. Thank you








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