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 My journey of blogging till now is not how I had expected but here I am because I had made a promise to myself and to others too. So that's why I started blogging and till date this is my scope of going on.


It's good to have the note of each and everything which is been done by one till the very date. So here today I am memorizing my journey of blogging now. Though my journey of blogging is not as good as I shall be mentioning yeah it taught me something in my life. But wait before starting the topic on my journey of blogging till now let me introduce myself to you guys. So hello and welcome guys to the new blog of gyansblogs on the topic of my journey of blogging till now.

When did I start blogging?

I started my blogging all thanks to the pandemic. I had a lot of time so I decided to write something and share to people. first I decided of making the video on YouTube but as I was a bit nervous I decided to write things instead of showcasing. So It was in june when I first published my blog on easy ways to attain success. So if asked when my journey of blogging started ill say it all started in June.

What inspires e to write?

Noting, I am serious I have not started blogging keeping someone into consideration. But yeah I started blogging keeping something into consideration. I was never inspired by anyone, the thing which inspired me to do blogging is that blogging can help in making a good amount of money, but as I kept on writing my motto of writing a blog for making money started fainting and I started enjoying blogging.

How did I decide on my niches?


If asked about how I decided my niches then you will be astonished to know that when I started blogging I had no niches in my mind not only this there are no niches to my blogging till now. Whichever thing I think is important I start writing on that very thing or topic. So I didn’t decide my niches in the beginning I automatically started blogging to inspire people and individuals.


Did any of my posts got ranked on google?


Yeah, one of my blogs on data entry fraud was on the first page of google. This blog was basically related to data entry fraud and scams taking place in online means. During the pandemic, I was searching for a job so I came across one of the companies name Zet technology. They attracted me to do their job and as soon as I started doing the job I came to know it was a fraudulent job. So in the blog of data entry fraud, I asked people to be alert provided information on how this takes place and how to tackle such a problem. So if you have missed then you can go and visit. DATA ENTRY FRAUD.


Do I get an organic view?

The answer to this is yes I get an organic view but the number of viewers is not as much I expect it's mostly in two-digit or one digit. Even some days the viewers are zero. But anyhow I do my activity and keep on posting my blogs whether I get traffic or not, I take blogging as an activity and try to ignore the negative things. It's not like I don’t get demotivated, yeah I do get demotivated and feel like leaving everything but at some point, I think like or feel like no I shall not leave this. It’s a promise made to myself that whatever happens, I shall not give up. Earlier I used to publish one blog per week and now I publish 2 blogs per week. So not getting a response is not the thing that will stop me but will ask to continue with my blogging.

How many blogs till now on the website?

In total, I have published 40+ blogs on my website. Some of the blogs are based on real-life experience. Some blogs are the tips and suggestions and also there are also some blogs on blogging and affiliate marketing. I have also written on the best 5 or best things to purchase from Amazon or any online portal whether be it watch, domain, mobiles, or other. So I have written blogs combining each and everything. And also I am exploring myself to write more topics on more unpredictable things.

Best thing I like about blogging?

So the best thing which I love the most about blogging is something which can be written in whichever we could. Blogging doesn’t take anything into consideration, it only focuses on the skills. No matter you have looks or style but the thing which matters is the way you think and your innovation. So the thing which is best about blogging is no one can troll you for whatever you have written. Also blogging is the thing that motivates me to write on some topics and discuss some topics which are very important. So I like blogging.

Do I have a website?

Yeah, I have my website. In the beginning, I had a subdomain of Blogspot as I had started blogging on blogger, but after a few months, I purchased my domain name After purchasing the domain I started to put more effort into blogging. Earlier where I used to write only one blog per week I started to write 2 blogs per week.  So if asked do I own a website then I would say that yes, I do own a website.

Do I easily get my topics for the blog?

Earlier when I started blogging I used to write on something that would inspire them to do their best. So I used to write blogs on inspiration, success, confidence, self-belief, and all. But as time passed I started exploring my blogging, I started to write SEO tips and suggestions. So slowly it became difficult to come up with a new topic each and every time. Then to I don’t do research of my keyword whichever thing I feel like is important I write on that very topic. So I don’t get my blog topic easily.

Do I refer to someone else's blogs?

Yeah, I do refer to someones else blogs for getting clarity. It's not like I completely copy or do anything of other personal blogs but I do refer to their blog for getting a clear understanding. It's not like I always use someone else blog. It's sometimes and also on some important topics.

Which tools do I use for blogging?

So for blogging specifically I don’t use any tool. I don’t like the feature of spending money but yeah I use some of the free tools like Semrush. On which I can use or keep track on my website without even spending a single amount. I also use some SEO tools for the blog and also I use some super tools for keywords but sometimes. It's not like I have to spend money on these things it's totally free and only can easily make money by using these tools sometimes.

So that’s it, this is my journey of blogging till now. Not the journey to be inspired by, but however, the journey is I like it. There’s no success in this journey but I believe in myself that someday ill be doing great and be a good blogger. So my journey of blogging till now is not exciting but it’s a promise made to myself that someday ill prove my stake. Maybe today my journey not up to the mark but someday ill make it possible. That’s it with the topic on my journey of blogging till now. Hope you guys get to know something like not every time things are meant to be done according to our wish but it's up to us how we make our fate decide, do we decide our fate or is it something that’s predecided. So here in my journey of blogging till now I have shared each and every detail that kept on stopping me from doing something but I ignored it and kept moving forward cause this is how life is. No matter what happens it should go on. This was my blogging journey, blog about life journey. The blog contains personal journey blogs and blog journey of my life. I have also written how to start a blog. So do visit and show your love. Let's windup the topic on my journey of blogging till now. See you in the next blog till then be safe and take care. Thank you.



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