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 How to do On page Seo of blog for bloggers with free tools?

On Page Seo

Doing the On page Seo is bit easy as compared to off page Seo. So most of the time we often ask the question to ourselves  how to do On page Seo of  blogs, content or any other things which we want to post on a website or on any medium. But before knowing about how to do On page Seo, let’s know why Seo is important. So if explained in simple words what is Seo then Seo is the backbone of any blog or business which is done on an online medium over the internet. The higher your seo is the higher is your stake to rank yourself on Google. So welcome to gyansblogs and this post is regarding On page Seo i,e. how to do On page Seo of blog. Doing On page Seo is easy as while writing the content we can check our Seo score and all, but comparatively checking off page Seo is a bit difficult. Google also focuses on Seo to rank your website or business. So let's not focus on that right now let us just know how to do On page Seo of blog. BONUS: I will also be sharing two free Google tools for checking the Seo score. This blog is totally based on live case study in short this will help you get the clear picture of on page seo. I would be showcasing the live Seo of this post and will be sharing the picture. So before knowing how to do On page Seo lets know something about On page Seo and off  page Seo. Consider this as a tutorial i.e. free Seo tutorial for beginners.

What is On page Seo and what is off Seo?

If explained in simple words On page Seo is like the spice and ingredient of the food and off page Seo is the salt in the food. So no matter which ingredient you have included no matter how expensive your spice and ingredients are it will be tasteless and would mean nothing until and unless salt is added. So no matter how good your On page Seo is off page Seo is also important In Fact it's more important. But wait we are going a bit off topic. Our topic is how to do it on page Seo.  So let's focus on that. There are various points which is to be taken into consideration they are as: 

How to do On page Seo of keyword?

If you're writing on some topic the main important factor that will help you generate traffic is your keyword. So choose your keyword wisely. There are many free keyword research tools as well as paid ones. Tools like ubersuggest and, keyword planner, h-educate are free with some good facilities, whereas SEMrush is best in terms of paid service. So the first step is to choose your keyword wisely. Choose a long tail keyword as it has high chances of ranking. For example my keyword has a monthly search volume of 170 which is decent and Seo difficulty is also low as it has Seo difficulty of 7. So lower the number of Seo difficulty higher is the chance of ranking your website. So if you're choosing some keyword and it has got the difficulty score of less than 30 then there are high chances you can rank your post or website. So before writing the post just do some basic keyword research and add your content accordingly. This post is about how to do it on page Seo and at last I have added it to my blog. For blog is not the keyword but it's something different. Like for my keyword how to do on page seo there are many competitors who have used the same keyword and if I use the same how would my keyword vary, so in order to make some changes I have added the blog i.e. how to do on page seo of blog for bloggers. So here I have targeted the bloggers who want to do on page Seo of their blog or content.

Keyword tool

How to do On page Seo of the content or blog?

So once your keyword is decided then you have to write your content you have to add your keyword in the content like if you have come this far you must have come across that I have used the keyword how to do on page seo several times. The higher the number of times you repeat the keyword in the content higher is the chances of getting a Seo score. Also include the keyword in the title and include it in the first paragraph, main content and headings too, also while you are ending your blog add your keyword. Don’t just force the keyword in between instead try making some logic while adding the keyword. Like in this post till now I have used the keyword for more than  5 times but then too you won't be feeling like I have jumbled the keyword for name sake. So just see to it.

How to do On  page Seo of Readability?

Readability is also the important factor that attracts the traffic. So while writing the content use easy and understandable language with the low spelling and grammatical mistakes. Keep the language as simple as you can. So that no matter which age group is reading he/she should not find it hard to understand.

See in the above picture my readability score, sq density and also word count. Also check my Seo score.

Once everything is done then go to google docs and then open it. Go to add-ons and add some free seo checking tools.

1.     GDoc Seo assistance

2.     Seo content writing assistant

Free Seo tools

Once you go to add-ons search for this free tool and install them. This is the free tool that will help you in writing seo content for blog. So this is for the bloggers out there who want to start blogging but don’t have many investment options, so use these free tools and don’t let your work stop because of financial factors.

How to use these Seo tools?

Once you have added these tools to your doc then the next thing you have to do is write your content  to the fullest and then see your score. The first tool GDoc is very helpful for getting the details. It shows various points like whether your content is well optimized or not. If it shows green pointer than it means it is well optimized but if it is in red then it means more optimization needs to be done and if it is in yellow then it means more improvements can be done. And it also shows the related keyword which can be used in the content to get more availability. It also shows the length of the title, whether it is too small, or good or not. Not only this it also shows points like readability and SemantiQ density.

And now if we look at the second tool then it's also very useful. It also showcases various points like image and link to be added, word count and also density of keywords used in your content. It gives an overall score out of 10. Where as GDoc gives a score out of 100.

seo score

Once you have installed this tool you just have to open your Doc, add your title and content then go to add-on and choose whichever tool you want and then click on show or start. This tool will get opened on the right side of your pc/ laptop. Once it opens add your keyword and then click enter or whichever button is available and see you are able to view your seo score, this score is based only on your content type but not on your meta description or link formation.

FREE TIP: Add internal link in your content. For example here I can add links like WANT TO KNOW HOW TO GET ADSENSE APPROVAL, THAN JUST CLICK HERE.

In this way you can add your links to previous links or whichever site or page you want to link into. This link is known as an internal link. Whereas external links are know as backlinks.


Also when you write on blogger or WordPress write the title of more than 30 letters, add headings and in heading mention your keyword. Repeat  the keyword a few times. Once you have added a title go to the main body that is the main content. There add some pictures and also add alt attribute and title to the images used. Add a few images, add links in your post. Mention the name of your website two three times. Add relevant tags to your post. Also see to it the images which have been used are not of very high MB. Once all this is done see your permalink. See whether the link or the url you will be using is related to your title and post or is different. Once all this is done add meta description. What is a meta description? Meta description is nothing but the short description of your blog which has been posted. For example this post is related to how to do On page Seo, so I’ll include meta description what my post is like I will describe it as “this is related to the analyzing of On page Seo. This is the case study of  how to do On Page Seo.

So describe your blog type's benefit in the meta tag in 150 words. It's like a quick pitch which will attract the viewers to read your blog. So these are some basic things which need to be done for on page seo. This method will improve the seo of the content you are adding. So that’s it with the blog of how to do On page Seo of blog for bloggers. Hope it was of some help for you guys. Follow for more such contents and to get tips related to life and blogging. Thanks for your time and stay safe, be happy and take care.




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