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I got my AdSense approval.

Hell yeah, I got my AdSense approval in the month of march 2021. As a blogger we all know what AdSense is and what it means to get an AdSense approval. Especially getting in this period i.e. in 2021 is a great deal. So I am feeling like I have achieved something. My new year gift and one resolution of 2021 was just fulfilled. For a blogger AdSense and it's revenue are the rewards. So as others I am also feeling the same as I got my AdSense approval. So Hello and welcome back guys to the new blog of I got an AdSense approval. Today's topic is specifically for bloggers so as I am saying, " I got my AdSense approval, other bloggers could also say that they/ I got my AdSense approval. So without any further delay let's get started with the topic of I got an AdSense approval. In this I would just be sharing the hardships and how I felt when I used to apply for AdSense and it used to get rejected due to some policy violation. And the worst past is we don't exactly get the reason. So let's start with the topic of AdSense approval. But before that let me tell you this is not the post of how I got my AdSense approval instead it’s a sort of journey of how much hardship or how much time I have applied for AdSense before getting my AdSense approval. If you guys want to know which tricks or which youtuber I followed to get my AdSense approval then for it I'll be posting a new blog once this is published and in that blog I will explain each and every steps which I followed to get AdSense approval. But before that let me explain to you guys my journey for getting AdSense approval.

AdSense approval
AdSense approval

My application for google AdSense/AdSense approval

Why am I happy about getting my AdSense approval? I am a blogger and I like writing. You can say I am a content creator. I am not actually a professional blogger as I don't have any specific niche. I write on whichever thing I feel like writing or I feel like sharing information. The blogs written by is based on primary as well as secondary data. The topics are also sometimes personal, public or social. I have started my Blogging from last June i.n June 2020. In July only I purchased domain from GoDaddy. But before purchasing the domain I used the sub domain of blogger i.e. BlogSpot. After writing 17 post I applied for the AdSense for first time. At that time I didn't knew how to copy paste the URL address. After googling it, I finally applied and I was sure that the result would be in my favor. But when the result came it was opposite of what I thought. For some getting google AdSense approval takes very long and it's a very bad thing for us as a blogger it is like a trauma. I had applied for google AdSense but it didn't work out so I used to reapply for AdSense. After applying for google ads it was just like applying for an exam for which you have given your half ages. There are some google AdSense applications and also their terms and policy which they have mentioned should be omitted and should be written again. Because once the application gets rejected the applicant who had applied for google AdSense should come to know the exact reason why his or her application got rejected.

AdSense appfoval

It took a few minutes to me to realize. After that I made changes and again applied the results. I nearly applied 16-18 time for AdSense but didn't receive any good. Under this I also tried promoting affiliate product. But this all was not good to make my living. I was unable to do anything. I thought I would make blogging my living but it didn't help. So after trying many times I gave up. It's not like I hadn't written much post on my website, I had already written 45+ post and that too SEO content, even then I was unable to get AdSense approval. I was frustrated. So in January I had my visit trip to my hometown. So I came to my hometown and wrote two articles. But until now I was filled with negativity. So after writing 2 posts I end up writing my blog post. It was because I thought it wouldn't be helpful. Instead, just drop this page and let's start a new page with a specific niche. As for gyansblogs I didn't have any specific niche mentioned. So I gave up as I was not able to get time for writing and also my expectations were also not fulfilled. So the last option which I could think was give up.

Apply for google AdSense and get approved/ AdSense approval

So I had given up, I didn't write post but on one fine day out of nowhere I felt like making few changes so I made. I changed to some responsive template, I edited some images and did a lot more. This we will discuss in our next post i.e How I got my AdSense approval. But this post is only related to I got my AdSense approval, so it will be totally based on how I got it. My first AdSense approval. So after making few changes I again applied for my AdSense approval. And this time I had given up of getting positive response. I was sure that it will be same policy violation and all. But I thought of giving a try. So I applied in second week of march and to my surprise after 2-3 days I got my AdSense approval. So now when I am speaking of I got my AdSense approval, I am filled with joy. Joy of not cause I got my AdSense approval. But the post and content I have written till now won't be useless and it wont be kept and forgotten with time. As I was to start new web page I had to give up on this current page. So more then saying I got my AdSense approval, I feel like saying my work won't be kept unseen. Also when I got my AdSense approval, I was not sure about it. I had received two mail. One was regarding an opportunity regarding content writer for which I had applied and another was regarding my AdSense approval. So I gave priority to job regarding mail. So after doing all the stuff mentioned I finally opened the message of I got my AdSense approval. At first I thought it would be the message that your webpage is not ready for AdSense approval. But to my surprise it was, congrats now your page is ready to show google ads. At first I was not sure so I rechecked it again and again. And then I realized that finally I got my AdSense approval.

AdSense approval

So that's it with the topic of I got my AdSense approval. See you in next post of gyansblogs. So the next post of gyansblogs will be how I got my AdSense approval. I will make sure that most of the people get the AdSense approval. So it will be totally based on how to get AdSense approved. I will also explain how to apply for AdSense, also how to google AdSense account, create AdSense account and also google AdSense sign in. So be with me as I am going to reveal the secret which no blogger shares regarding AdSense. So see you in the next topic of gyansblogs which would HOW I got my AdSense approval. Also read my previous post which is regarding the job interview and first day of job. Also there's the post for freshers looking for work, that is why FRESHERS NOT GET WORK. That's it see you next topic. Till then be safe and take care. Thank you. GYANSBLOGS.



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