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 How to get AdSense approval with 10k views.

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Hello guys myself Gyanendra Biswal and I am the admin cum CEO cum owner of gyansblogs. And before starting with our topic on how to get AdSense approval with 10 k let me tell a brief about myself and why I am sharing the post on how to get AdSense approval with 10k views. So as we all got to know that my name is Gyanendra Biswal and I have my own website and on that website I have views of less than 10k than to I got AdSense approval. We always have the question of how to qualify for adsense. Getting adsense approve is still the dream for many bloggers.Though there was a bit of struggle but it ended well. So as we all know the best way of gaining the knowledge is to consult or talk to someone who has got some experience in that very field. So here I am to share the information on how to get AdSense approval within 10k views. And before that do visit my site and cross verify that whether I am genuine or not. Because previously, I have seen many youtubers sharing their views on how to get an AdSense approval but they do not showcase their genuineness, so please check mine. I know how frustrating and difficult it is if we don’t get AdSense approval. It feels like our work and efforts were of no means. So follow up on me and learn how to get AdSense approval with 10k views or less than 10 k views.


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So guys let me tell you that getting AdSense approval is very easy and we ourselves make it a bit tricky cause of which we fail getting approval or our application gets rejected. There are many youtubers who just upload the video to get views and subscribers but not a single youtubers shares the perfect idea and knowledge. And I totally get it, after all if a snake becomes friends with a rat then what would the snake eat. So they just showcase some important points and then they keep on attracting the viewers more and more times. But they don’t share the complete information. So guys, let me help you guys in getting an AdSense approval and if you find my tips are not working then you are welcome to criticize me as many times as you want. I wont say anything in return. So guys just follow my tips on how to get AdSense approval within 10k views or 5k views or any number of views. Getting adsense approval in a day is possible and also working for years and not getting adsense is also possible. First off all we need to apply for adsense which is also called as application for adsense. But before apply see to it that you have mentioned your address which can be easily recognisable to google. Address is also an important element when apply for google adsense. I will be explaining step by step the whole thing i.e. how to apply for adsense in my next blog, so if you don't wanna miss it then do follow gyansblogs

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What does google adsense do?

Google adsense means noting but a method of making money through blogging. When a blogger monetizes his site with the help of google and ads and google also pays that individual an amount for posting that specific ad on his website it is known as google adsense. For this you need to have an adsense account and also know the rules i.e. adsense rules. Also learn the google adsense privacy policy. So if explained in short how to apply for adsense then first you need to create a google adsense account then fill each and every details and then google will provide you code which you need to paste on your website coding page. There are many times when google rejects the adsense request, so at that time make the necessary changes and reapply for adsense.

How to get AdSense approval without using any external themes/ templates?

Theme/ template, we all think that theme is the most important factor in getting good views or for getting adsense approval. So we usually use sora templates or any other templates of third parties to make our site more attractive and then we apply for adsense and we see that our adsense application is rejected. So guys instead of using the templates of third parties why not use the templates which are preinstalled or are available. Yeah there may be something that’s missing but it's totally okay. So if you are a wordpress user then there is no issue as there are a number of wordpress free templates available. But if you are a blogger user then there is no need to worry as there are a number of templates available. If you want to know which template I used to get adsense approval then just ask me in the comment section or just visit GYANSBLOGS and you will come to know.




The number of views on your page doesn’t matter. So instead of focusing on getting traffic in the beginning just try to focus on giving good content. Write a 20-30 post on your page and then apply for AdSense. But yeah google also will be allowing those sites which have some traffic after all if someone is paying you for something then there should be some benefit for them too. So you atleast need to get some traffic maybe between 10k- 5k for getting an AdSense approval. Instead of asking your friends and known ones to visit your website instead try using some free google and seo friendly tools to get traffic. If you want to know about the free tools for attracting more traffic, then just visit my post HOW TO GET MORE TRAFFIC USING FREE TOOLS.


Yes, I have got my AdSense approval within 10k and so I am here writing a post on how to get AdSense approval within 10k views. I have practically used the tips to get my AdSense approval. Though it would be totally lie if I say that I got my AdSense approval on the first try itself. I had applied many times and then I got my AdSense approval. Want to know how I got my adsense approval within 10k then just visit I GOT MY ADSENSE APPROVAL.

Now at last let me explain to you in short a few points which are very important and basic while applying for adsense.

  • Don’t make websites a bit tricky and messy.

  • Use your own idea, share the real content, don't just copy paste someone else’s material and name it as yours. Google will easily come to know the fact that you have copied other persons content.

  • Use pre installed templates or available templates for the application you use. Don’t refer to any third party template.

  • View videos of bloggers take some ideas but don’t totally believe them.

  • Don’t focus on views but focus on content and its quality.

  • At last don’t copy any code of third party and then apply for AdSense, I am 100% sure your application will get rejected.

How to get AdSense approval/ gyansblogs

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That’s it with some tips and bonus from my side of how to get AdSense approval within 10k views. Views really don’t matter much as your content matters. Better content is equal to better audience engagement. Don’t try to get 10k views or referral, instead try getting the organic readers to try QUORA, one of the leading applications to get the organic audience and this will help you to grow. So that’s all from my side of how to get AdSense approval within 10k views or less. Have faith in yourself and don’t give up. I have also shared many pictures of my website as a proof as I have practically applied each and everything and then I came to know. So for the beginners out there these are the easy tips of how to get AdSense approval within 10k views and please listen to me and likely do. I know the pain and frustration we feel when our AdSense application gets rejected and I have done a lot and I failed several times. Because there was no one on whom I could rely. So guys please follow and get your AdSense approval within 10k and if the milestone is achieved just thank me. That’s it with the gyansblogs and our today's topic on how to get AdSense approval within 10k views. I got my AdSense approval before 10k views but this post on how to get AdSense approval with 10k views is for all the bloggers out there who have applied lot of times but their google AdSense applications were rejected Also stay tuned for getting Seo and AdSense related tips. I will be sharing some free Seo tools for blogging and to see the Seo score. From this tool one can easily manage the Seo and reliability of the blog. I personally use this free tool. So stay connected for these types of blogs and content, if you guys like my content then do follow it for more new updates also follow me on quora with the name GYANEDNRA BISWAL. I am always available on Quora to answer the questions and issues. Do let me know if this blog of how to get AdSense approval with 10k views or less was helpful or not in the comments. See you in the next blog till then be safe and take care. Also if you need any suggestion or have questions you can contact me and I would try helping you personally.





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