How to make money from upstox? zero rupees startup plan - gyansblogs

How to make money from upstox? zero rupees startup plan - gyansblogs


Hello and welcome guys to the our blog of gyansblogs. This blog will be related to the affiliate link of upstox, one of the leading stock and share trading apps. In this I will explain all the details of upstox how it works and what is the benefit if once we become a partner with upstox. But before becoming a partner we need to open an account with upstox, because until and unless we are not sure of something we can't share or promote the product. I am promoting upstox through this post as I find it helpful so this blog will be related to the upstox affiliate program and how to earn through upstox. So the blog Upstox affiliate program/ how to earn through upstox or how to make money from upstox is my plan or module for those who want to start with rupees zero. Inshort this is the zero rupees startup plan or module. So hope you guys will like it and will show your support. So let's start with our topic.

Upstox affiliate

What is Upstox app/ upstox? What is an upstox affiliate program or upstox affiliate and how to earn through upstox? How to earn money from upstox and why it can be said as zero rupees start up plan?

Upstox is a share or stock trading app. The app enables mobile trading in segments including stocks, derivatives, currencies, and commodities across NSE, BSE, and MCX exchanges. It has a very simple interface anyone can use it and also to start an account it takes less than an hour. An user can open his/her account with zero charges and also there is zero brokerage cost (offer for periodic time). You can easily manage your portfolio and also can simply invest in shares or start trading your stock. Affiliate means getting a product sale of one person to another and earning commission for that particular sell is known as affiliate. The earning money is known as affiliate money and the person who does affiliate marketing earns a certain commission and for this the function which he does is known as the affiliate program. So if an individual does the sale of upstox he earns a certain share of the amount. This is what we can call an upstox affiliate program or upstox affiliate. And how to earn through upstox is basically simple by investing and trading on upstox or by refer and earn method.

How does upstox work?

Upstox is a two in one account combining intraday trade and also a demat account. The trading account helps in getting access to stock exchanges like NSE, BSE, AND MCX etc. While the account is helpful for holding the securities like stocks, mutual funds etc, in electronic form. Also thanks to upstox it has now become possible to buy pure form of gold. Upstox helps in purchasing the pure gold with the manual and making charges. You just need to pay the amount of gold and tax and that’s it, your pure gold has been purchased. You can start purchasing the gold form Rs 1.

Is upstox safe for trading?

Yes upstox is safe, I am personally using upstox and it is reliable to a great extent. Upstox is a reliable discount brokerage company also it is registered under SEBI alongside it is also a member of BSE, NSE, ,MCX, CDSL and NSDL. Upstox is backed or is guaranteed by investors like Ratan Tata, GVK Davix and Tiger Global.

Is upstox only for trading?

No, upstox is for both trading as well as investment.

What is trading and what is investment?

The purchase and sell that takes place within a day is known as trading whereas the purchase which takes place at one day and sell is done after a long period or gap of time it is known as investment. The person who does trading is known as a trader and the person who does investment is known as an investor.

Who is the owner of upstox?

Earlier upstox was known as RKSV as its founders were Ravi Kumar, Raghu kumar and Shrinivas Viswanath. But later in 2016 it was changed to upstox. A software which each and every citizen of India can use and start trading in the stock markets.

Upstox charges and upstox brokerage?

There is no such hardcore charges for upstox nor is there any charges at the time of opening an upstox account. And when we speak of brokerage currently upstox is providing free brokerage demat account for a short period of time but on an usual basis the first month of brokerage on trading is free and from second months onwards it charges Rs 30 or 25 based on the offer.

Upstox account opening process.

Upstox opening

Account opening process of upstox is very simple; one just needs to have a few documents to submit. The process is so easy that it can be done in only 5-10 minutes. First we need to open upstox then we need to choose to create an account and once the page loads add your contact number or mail address where you want your OTP. Once the OTP is verified then you need to enter a few of your basic details and then move forward, on the next stage you will find the website or app is asking for a few documents, so just do it accordingly. Add your photo, add a signature and once this is done go to the next stage there submit your bank account statement of last 6 months or just submit PAN details. Once all this is done then do the e-adhar verification and once everything is verified your account gets opened. It usually takes 1-2 working days.

Why choose upstox?

upstox portfolio

Upstox is a simple and smart way to start investing in stocks. There are 30 lakh+ happy customers. Upstox is one platform with multiple investment opportunities. Long term investors, pro traders or part time traders can choose across various assets classes and create a customized portfolio, all from one platform. Upstox has got various options like stock, mutual fund, digital gold, ipo future and options. Why upstox because it is an easy, simple and fast interface. It has zero brokerage on investment. There are no account opening charges on upstox.

Can we make our living through upstox?

The answer is yes we can make our living, we just need to have a basic knowledge about the market or we should possess the skill of sales. So that we perceive the customer to make an account on upstox. One can easily make money in thousands on upstox as the affiliate commission of upstox is very high and is very attractive.

How to do Upstox login?

Once the account has been verified you will receive a mail. This mail contains the details of your information. It also contains an user id and password. Once you receive everything, login by entering the details and there you are ready to trading or investment.

How to earn through upstox and what is an upstox affiliate program in short. Zero rupees startup plan.

Earning through upstox is in two ways: either you can trade or invest and can make money or else you can refer and earn money. Refer and earn on upstox provides Rs 300 for each referral but whereas once you become an upstox affiliate partner you can make money in 1000’s for each referral. So the best way of earning money through upstox is becoming the upstox partner and selling the upstox link to the people. This process of affiliation is known as upstox affiliate programme or the link which is been shared is known as upstox affiliate link. So the value which is been earrned can be invested or can be used as a startup money. So we can say that upstox is zero rupees startup plan.

How to become an affiliate promoter of upstox?

To become the affiliate promoter of upstox you just need to visit the site of upstox and from there you just need to scroll down and you will find an affiliate program or partner with us. Click on it add the details and also add the number, verification call will be given accept the terms and once it is done you are now the partner of upstox affiliate program. You can share your upstox affiliate link.

Customer care number of upstox / upstox contact details.


Just call on+91-22-6130-9999 write on and upstox will send someone right over to look after your problem.


How to close an upstox account?

If you are already an upstox user and you are not satisfied with the service of upstox then you can just send a mail regarding your problem and not willing to use upstox further to the upstox care and once all the criteria are met your account will deactivate.

Zerodha vs upstox, upstox vs zerodha. The best topic we can have for debate.

I am not here to compare any of them. Each one has something unique and also it has some drawback points. So each one is the best in its field. So if you ask about zerodha vs upstox or upstox vs groww or any other software all are good according to their fotte.

So earning money is not tough but making people belive it is working is tough. So I urge the people out there to start a upstox trading account if not you can just fullfill your family demand and can make a living out of it.


That’s it with our topic of upstox affiliate program and how to earn through upstox. I think I have shared all the reliable information which is essential in our todays blog of how to make money from upstox and what is zero rupees startup plan and how can it be possible. So without wasting your time just open your demat account at free of cost from upstox and earn in lakhs. If you don’t have the money to invest or trade then no problem you can become an affiliate partner with upstox and than you can refer and moke easy money. Just visit upstox and make your account. Thanks for reading stay safe and stay happy.





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