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You can get cars, houses, and flats all for free. This is a tip that rich men use. They not only buy everything for free but also don't spend even a single rupee of their own. In an interview, Mukesh Ambani, the richest man in our country also said that he doesn't carry money in his pocket even when he goes to restaurants and to shop.

Free house and car

How to initially start for getting free houses and cars

Initially, you need to start with saving. This saving will not only improve your saving habits but will give you higher returns than fixed deposits and saving accounts. The return is not fixed but it can range from 12.5% to 40%. The saving period totally depends upon the saver; it can be 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, or any number of years. The more years you save, the more your return and rate of interest are.

Now how can you get your dream car and house for free?

Here are the tips. Start saving, but not an ordinary saving but in mutual funds. Suppose if your salary is 25k and you have a saving capacity of 15 k, then do one thing. Invest 10 thousand in SIP and keep the rest 5k in a savings account. Initially start with 10k but as your saving capacity increases, increase the number of mutual funds. But on the verge, if you don't want to increase and keep on investing only 10k for supposing 10 years, 5 years, or 20 years. Your return will be around 6 lakhs for 5 years on an average return of 25%. And if you invest it for 10 years your return is 41,28,047 with your investment amount of Rs 12 lakh. And suppose you have kept on investing for 20 years, your estimated return will be 6.5 crores plus.  

Why start SIP for free car and dream house

It helps in developing the saving practice of an individual. Also if you do invest for more than 10 years, for example, if you invest your money 15 years your total investment for 15 years will be around 18 lakh, but while getting the return on an average of 20% your return on your invested value will be around 95.5 lakh. So in total after 15 years you can get rs 1 crore 13 lakh and forty thousand. surprised? 

Yeah, you should be, this is the power of compounding, with the help of this money buy a number of cars and flat or do whatever you want. You can also enjoy your old age financially free.

Estimated return and your old age plan

With the estimated return, buy your dream house or build your dream house, get a car of your own choice, and the rest of the money re-invest again for your welfare. Investing 24 lac and getting a return of 6.5 crores isn't a bad deal at all. Where on one end you are investing on the other hand you were saving too. So if there is an urgency you can just use your saving money to deal with your emergency. It's not like you cannot withdraw the investing money. You can easily withdraw the amount but by withdrawing money from a savings account and from a mutual fund account there's a lot of difference. While you are investing you are getting returns of more than 20 percent. But whereas you just get 1-9 percent return on your savings account that quarterly.

When to start SIP for free car and house

Start it right now, as it is the best time to invest in a mutual fund. Nowadays even the market is making the new record. So start your SIP right now without wasting any time. Also, mutual funds are subjected to market risk, so read all the documents and details carefully. Consult an expert for starting your mutual fund.

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