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So hello guys, ever came across the term or thought of starting bloging business or youtube channel. Well if yes than you are at right place and viewing the right thing so this blog will be related to steps for determining your niche. I'll discuss 6 Steps You Can Use to Find Your Niche plus I'll also share 20 Best Niche Ideas. So welcome guys to gyansblogs, lets start with the topic of steps you can use to find your niche. You want to start a blogging website, YouTube channel or a small business or whatever, but the first thing or the thing holding you back is the niche, that we are going to write or do things or business is to be chosen. You can Google about thousands of things but I am sure you are or are still confused about your niche.


But before finding out the best niches let’s first know what is NICHE.

So niches are nothing but a job or a position that is suitable for you. So in blogging term we can say like niche is the heart of every blogging channel. Niche is the one that will help you in generating your traffic. So it’s the first step in blogging or setting up of any YouTube or business related thing. So be very careful while deciding the niches for your business or website. Yet putting that kind of pressure on yourself to choose the exact right niche may cause paralysis or will make you made, it’s such a difficult task.

Certainly, you want to do your due diligence in selecting a viable niche, but it's better to get up and running than to wait around and wasting your time on deciding the topics and niches. That way, you can test out ideas, enter the market sooner and learn from your successes and failures. That way, too, if your first business doesn't take off, you can always take what you've learned from previous attempts and move forward with new ideas. You will get the experience of the thing you will come to know where you are going wrong or what are the things you need to work on or make corrections. So don’t waste your time just get up and start doing.

Despite of this entire if you're struggling to decide, or you need more data to work with, use the following five steps to find your niche.

1.    Determine the goals and vision first.

Goals in the sense decide the purpose of your blogging or other. What is your main focus? Whether you need to make money by blogging or want to create awareness through your blogging. Whether your ambition is to make profit or help people. Once you have decided this you can move forward to the second step but remember one thing determination of goal or vision is very important.

2.    Identify your interests and passions and compassion.

This may be something you've already done. But, if you haven't, make a list of 10-15 topical interests and passion areas, immediately .Blogging isn't easy, and at some point it will test you. If you are working in an area that you don't care about, your odds of quitting will greatly increase, especially as a first-time blogger or you tuber or any other things. This doesn't mean that you need to find a perfect fit. If you are passionate about some aspect of running the business, you will stick with it. If you don’t care about the topic, you may not be able to find the drive within to persevere or will not be able to survive for a long run and you will give up within no time.

Focus on this following question you can ask yourself and try to get answer.

How do you like to spend your free time?

What do you look forward for doing when you aren't doing anything?

 What topics do you like to learn about most?

What is your best forte

    Identify problems you can solve.

With your list of topics in hand, you're ready to start narrowing down your options or increasing your focus towards your work. To create a blog, you first need to find problems, your target customers are experiencing, than determine whether you can actually solve them. Than after you can go on with your work fluently.

4.         Research your Keyword.

Before publishing the blog to your site do some keywords research, try to know the search volume. If the keyword has more volume and there is low difficulty than try to use such keyword there are high chances that your blog may get ranked on Google.

  Research your competition.

The presence of competition in blogging isn't necessarily a bad thing. It may actually be showing you that you've found a profitable niche. But you do need to do a thorough analysis of competing sites. Create a new spreadsheet and start logging all of the competing sites you can find try finding the most viewed or liked post that a lot of crowd has reacted. Then figure out whether there's still an opportunity to stand out in the crowd. 

    Test your idea.

You are now armed with all of the information you need to choose a niche, and the only thing left to do is test your idea and capability. One simple way to do this is to You are now armed with all of the information you need to choose a niche, and the only thing left to do is test your idea and capabilities. One simple way to do this is to set up a landing page for publishing of a product or blog you’re developing. You can then drive traffic to this page with paid advertising or view  HOW TO GET TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG.

Some of the best niches for blog or YouTube.

1.   SEO related tools and blog

2.   Cooking tips and tricks

3.   Gaming zone and fun

4.   Online earning

5.   Awareness and education

6.   Crime and cases

7.   Inspiring and motivational blog.

8.   Personality development

9.   Anxiety and awareness

10.                     Gym

11.                     Diet plan

12.                     Financial product review

13.                     Travel and tours

14.                     Affiliate marketing

15.                     Digital marketing

16.                     Sports

17.                     Weapons and tools

18.                     Love and feelings

19.                     Sales and marketing tips

20.                     Vehicles and automobile industry

That’s it here were some of the tips on deciding the niches. You can decide the niches of your own this were just for an example purpose. It was my small efforts to provide you as much as information I could. When I started blogging my main focus was to write blogs on awareness and motivation. So I started my first blog on HOW TO GET SUCCESS. Slowly and slowly I started writing some blogs on my personal life experience, than after I got mislead and had no idea of topics to be writing on. I was stuck, during such period when I was stuck there was an incident which occurred, I got trapped in one scam and was mentally harassed and when I search for the scam on Google I saw there were 100 of people stuck in same scam and trap so I decided to make people aware of this so I wrote the blog about this and my blog got ranked on first page of Google this was the scenario that changed my perspective completely. Slowly I started to write on tips and tricks and now here I am doing great.


So that’s it with today’s blogs we will be meeting you in next blog till than do your best and start your owns something, don’t waste your time. Do your best and help others, so that’s it see you in next blog till than take care, be safe and stay alert.

Thank you and bye.

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