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Hello and welcome guys to the new blog of gyansblogs. Today’s blog will be also a blogging tip for the beginners. So our today’s topic will be how to write content for blog for posting on website. Writing the topic and then adding content is the simple think which we all think of. When I started gyansblogs I used to write things of my own without any case study or research. So I would recommend all the people who are reading this just focus more time on doing the research than start writing your post. 

So let’s start with our topic of how to write content for blog.

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So before starting how to write content for blogs first of all know a few terms like,

1.    What is a blog?

2.    What is blogging?

3.    Who is a blogger?

So what blog is and its existence?

If you don’t know what it is then you’ve come to the right place. I would try to explain it as easily as possible.  When it was started in 1994, it was considered as a personal diary than that of content sharing online. But according to age, the term blog got updated. Now the blog is like a journal which is been published online, in which you could talk about your daily life, or share things that you like or feel like talking about. People find it interesting to interact with others with a new way of online media. Thus the beautiful world of blogging came into existence.


What is a blog?

A blog is an online journal or information website displaying information on online media and in chronological order. With the latest post appearing first at the top, it’s a place where a writer or a group of writer shares their liking hobbies information, and lots more. There are about 1.7 billion websites and over 600 million blogs in the world.

What is the purpose of the blog?

 There are many reasons to start a blog it may be for personal use and also for business use. Blogging can be done for making money or it can also be done for the welfare of others. So it totally depends upon the blogger who writes the blog that for what purpose he is writing the blog, so the main purpose of the blog is to connect people and to spread awareness whether it may be for beneficial purposes or not. Another one is to boost your traffic and send quality leads to your website. The more frequent and better your blog post is the higher the chances for the website to get ranked on Google and get more visitors, Deciding the niche is very important other voice you are going to hang at between not knowing what to do and what to write if you are not getting any niche according to your passion or hobby or your interest. So when you use your niche according to requirement it helps in creating an informative and engaging post. It builds trust among the audience good blogging skills help your website being visible to more visitors and its presence online media can be easily recognized.

What is blogging?

In early 2000 blogging immersed in a variety of forms where several political and social blogs have been established and were published or came into existence. The established institution begins to know the difference between journalism and blogging.

Blogging means a collection of skills that one needs to run and supervise a blog in short managing a blog can be said as blogging. Blogging is a broad term that involves the process of writing, posting, linking sharing the content which is been made easy to share on the internet.

It's obvious if we say that nowadays the popularity of blogging grows with each passing day. To answer the question of what is blogging we need to look at the factor behind it rises.

Early stages blog became mainstream in life as new service began using them as a tool for outreach and opinion forming. They became a new source of information for the public also people find it interesting and attractive while reading the blog.

Through blogging, various business individuals find a positive way to improve their customer level of satisfaction also to make revenue. The number of people visits the blog the greater the chances of your website being visible over the internet increase.

Even one can earn money from blogging. Once your blog receives enough attention from the public you can try these methods of monetizing your blogs. Through blog one can offer it service and also sell its product.

Who is a blogger?

In recent times, bloggers have become very famous for various reasons. Blogging has become a career option for various individuals. Sing this even more people are choosing to do blogging.

So who are bloggers?

Bloggers are the individuals who love sharing the part of life, the information they have, also the knowledge they possess. Blogging can be done on various topics like trading, tips and tricks, games, design, accounts, finance art, etc.

Bloggers are movable so they don't have to sit at one place doing their job they can move anywhere to any part of the world and write their blog and earn through it. They live on only the internet.

If we define blogger it can be termed as a blogger is someone who runs and controls the blog. In short, he is the manager of blogging. Blogger is one who shares his or her opinion knowledge on different topics for a target audience. Nowadays many people are doing blogging. Most people have their own reason, everyone has their own part of the story which they assume for blogging. Many people make carrier through the internet. Bloggers can communicate to a mass number of people anywhere or any part of the country due to this blogging is very popular in each and every part of our country. A blog allows an individual to talk on any topic he/ she is interested in and willing to talk on. There are many bloggers who write what incidents took place between them for the whole day. In short, they write a diary related to the whole day's experience and its outcomes.


How to write content for blogs?

How to write a blog, writing a blog is very easy and simple. But before writing a blog the main thing which you as a blogger should focus on is his niche. Until and unless a blogger decides its niche you will not be able to write the content for a long period of time. Yeah, you can write a few blogs but it would not last for a long period of time. So it's very important for a blogger to choose a niche according to his or her liking, passion, hobbies, and interest. This is because if a blogger is interested in that particular topic he would be excited and would be eager to write a blog on that particular topic. So it's very important for an individual to choose a niche according to his nature or his liking and interest.

And now how to write content for a Blog. So it's very obvious that if an individual is interested in writing that particular blog he would be having tons of ideas and content to add to a blog. In order to make his blog more in terms of quantity, he can refer to various blogs of other people which are now one can easily find on Google or on various social media platforms. So the blogger can easily visit the blog and can find some attractive ideas or information which he didn't know and can add to his blog.

Adding this content of another person's blog in his personal blog or post will not be considered as a copy as the individual who is writing the blog has put his ideas and information in that particular blog. He only referred to another personal blog. One can easily write a blog nowadays. We can just suggest topics and he will get tons of blog written on that particular topic. He can simply open a 2-3 blog and can read them and can explain these blogs in his own word on his website by using different terms and knowledge and method used in an individual whose blog he has visited.

One can easily copy and translate or can explain that blog in his own ideas and his own method of speaking. In this way, he will not copy anyone's content and can also add his own content or his own idea in the blog which he has been copied from the internet or other websites on social media.

So this is how one can add content to his blog. Adding content to one’s is easy and it's not very time-consuming. The only thing that an individual should keep in his mind that whichever blog he or she visits, they should properly read and can easily convert in their point of view.

Some may also think that writing a blog takes a lot of time in short writing a blog is time-consuming. But no my friends writing a blog is very easy. One can easily use the audio keyboard which is easily available on any app store or Play Store instead of using a letter keyboard. The individual only has to do one thing that he should properly pronounce the word near to the speaker. And rest is obvious that whatever word that an individual speaks will be written in a text format.

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That’s it with today’s blog this blog was all about blogging, and how to add content to your blog. This is the easy way one can save time and also do blogging. I personally use an audio keyboard for the typing of data in most cases.

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