Hello guys welcome to gyansblogs. So our today’s topic will be important for all the bloggers. So as a blogger we always want to keep the track of traffic. This tracking of website is very useful for a blogger to make a record or make easy to understand from where the traffic are coming and what are they using whether a mobile or laptop or tablet. Which browser are they using, what’s their device, whether its windows or iOS or android.  So in short today in this blog we will discuss how to keep track of the traffic on the website. That is how to track traffic on website, yeah it may be to website or blog or anything else.

Tracking of website is as a blueprint in business. Yeah I know that blue print give you the way what to do, what is to be done, how to do, and when is to be done.

If you don’t track website traffic, you cannot know what is working for you and what’s not it will be totally useless and mean nothing for a blogger as it will be ok if I say like without tracking your traffic you cannot get a clear picture drawn and you will never make things being favorable for you.


I will show you the standard way and will discuss the ways to track website traffic and then show you some super passive ways to learn about your web users without having to set up anything. So the thing which we are going to discuss is tracking the website or blog using Google analytics.


Google Analytics

If you want to track your actual website traffic, install immediately for a blogger it’s the best website or app. You can use Google analytics app or website it’s up to you both show the same outcomes and scenario


It uses cookies to track visitors to your website. “Cookies” are individual IDs for web users that mark their visit and any future visits of the same user are also tracked. So for a blogger or for a website Google analytics are preferable to keep the track.


There are a couple of limitations in Analytics for tracking. Users can delete their cookies - even on a routine basis if they don’t like to be tracked. And Google doesn’t count certain visits, like if the page doesn’t fully load or if Javascript is disabled (Google uses JavaScript for tracking). So this is some of the drawbacks of Google analytics. But you can do one thing like you can write your blog or website in such a way that the user gets attracted and always visits the website and is delighted to read your each and every post this in term will also improve the bounce rate and will help your website get good outcomes in future date.


When I started blogging, I had no idea of this and I only used to write a post and leave it as it is. I didn’t had any idea that we can keep the track of track of traffic visiting our blog and believe me or not tracking of website has help me a lot.

Firstly it motivates an individual to do well. It increases the hunger of an individual to get traffic and audience to their website.

So if you haven’t yet started to keep the track of website I’ll recommend you to start it as fast as possible and believe me it will help you.


This tool is not perfect, but it does a great job of giving you numbers to work with to improve your site. And you won’t find a better free tool out there for traffic tracking other than Google analytics. And most important it’s a free tool and you just need to register and feed all details with your website and there you go you are all set and prepared to keep the track of your page or website or blog, just enjoy and make the changes accordingly to survive with the growing competition.


Similar Web is a tool too that help you to keep the track of your website traffic.


Similar Web is a fun tool that lets you look up your website domain (or any competitor) to see all kinds of traffic statistics, like:


Total visits

Pages per visit

Average visit duration

Bounce rate

Organic traffic

Social traffic

It will also tell you what percentage of your visits are from referrals and even breaks those referral sources into a visual graph showing you who is sending the most traffic and from which country your getting that traffic it’s very exciting for all to keep the records of their traffic and to know from which medium are they coming from.


Another feature of Similar Web gives you the breakdown of social media traffic. Like you are receiving 50% of traffic from YouTube, 30% from facebook, 15% from quora and 5% from LinkedIn


WordPress Plugin


If you are a blogger and you publish your blogs through WordPress, I recommend getting a WordPress plugin to track website traffic right in your dashboard so you can see how you are doing every time you log in to your backend. There nothing much you need to do just login to WordPress Plugin enters your website name and here you go to enjoy the tracking of traffic to your website.


It doesn’t matter so much which plugin you choose. One solid option is the one by ExactMetrics called Google Analytics Dashboard. It’s for everyone and each and every individual owning a website or blog or anything and wants to keep the track of it he or she can simply login with Google analytics and start tracking the traffic on the website or the blog or whichever thing needs to be tracked.


These kinds of plugins give you the daily scoop on sessions and page views for the website. This saves you from having to take the time to log in to Analytics because the numbers are right there in front of you when you log in to your WordPress website.


One of the best features of Google analytics is that it gives a specific tracking id. This id is in html format and you just need to copy the id and paste it in html code of your page and then you are all set to enjoy the tracking. I know most of can say that they can track their traffic on blogger or WordPress itself but guys you can’t track the exact thing like you can track on Google analytics and other tools.


Google search console

This is also a tool that helps you to keep the track of the traffic. You just need to go to Google and search Google search console.


Click on the website and then enter your domain URL and then go to property see, now you get all the details of the traffic you’re getting on your website. This website also helps in solving and tracking various issues. It also helps your website URL to get tracked and index your URL on Google.


Apart from these there are number of paid tools. There is also number of paid services offered by many freelancers to help you keep the track of website. But to my opinion as beginner why to waste money on paid services and apps instead try using the free services and make the most of it.


Ill also share few free tools for bloggers to help their website get ranked on Google. Let me say you one bitter truth that it’s never so easy to get ranked on Google in today’s period inspire of thousands of competitors so it will never be an easy task for you to do so, so take blogging seriously if you really want to perceive your carrier in blogging and make money from it.

That’s it with this blog on how to track traffic on website. I hope you like it, please follow and subscribe for more such updates. Also let me know your recommendation on the post or another post. Also let me know if you want me to write on any of blogging topics.

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